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Whole grains have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. Eating whole grains regularly has been linked with a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and lower rates of blood pressure. Even though we know these things are true there are many dieticians who insist that whole grains are not part of a healthy diet. Here is taking a closer look at what the truth is about whole grains and why whole grain chips might just be the superfood you need to add to your regular diet.

The truth behind whole grains

There are many different kinds of whole grain food products. Walk into any supermarket and you will find yourself surrounded by whole grain foods. Corn, brown rice, popcorn, millet, oats, quinoa, whole rye are some of the most popular examples of whole grains. Whole grains could be crushed, cracked, rolled and mixed into your food item in any form. To know that you are getting a food item that is truly made of whole grains and will give you all of the advantages you need to keep an eye on the ingredients. True whole grain foods contain bran, endosperm and germ in their original proportion. These proportions are Endosperm - 83%, Bran - 14 ½ percent and germ at 2 ½ percent.

They lower risk of heart disease

A study conducted in 2016 found that three one-ounce servings of whole grains lowers the risk of heart disease by 22%. Swapping out your regular potato chips forwhole grain chipsensures that whole grain becomes a regular part of your diet. Whole grains prevent your body from absorbing ‘bad’ cholesterol. They also lower triglycerides which are major contributors to heart disease. Baked whole grain chips would be the ideal replacement to fried potato chips.

Lower risk of diabetes

You can buy healthy snacks from DIP Foods such as our very own baked whole grain chips. DIP Foods provides tasty yet healthy whole grain chips that will keep you healthy and hearty without compromising on the taste. Unlike refined grains which have a lot more added sugar, whole grains stop your blood sugar levels from rising and thus lower your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

They help control weight

Whole grains make you feel a lot fuller as they take longer to digest giving you a more satiating effect. A fuller stomach means you eat less and you eat healthier. If that wasn’t enough whole grain chips are higher in fiber when compared to normal chips which means they leave your digestive system in a much better condition. Studies have also shown that whole grain helps redistribute fat and fight the most stubborn of fats - stomach fat.

Are they for you?

Even with the many benefits of whole grains and whole grain chipsthey cannot be consumed by everyone at all times. Most whole grain foods are rich in gluten which is a food item that people can be sensitive to or even allergic of. Gluten sensitivity is known to cause fatigue, indigestion and joint pain. Grains like wheat can cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to develop in certain individuals. Unless you have a gluten allergy whole grain foods and whole grain chips should always be an essential part of your diet.


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