Effective Opening Lines as a Part of Public Speaking Skills for Children

by Aiden Lincoln Choreographer

After many hours of preparation, when you begin to deliver your speech, your confidence might be shocked when all the eyes are on you. As you start to speak, you might notice people shifting their seats, checking their cell phones and not paying attention to you.

When you have the perfect opening line, your audience will want to tune in to your presentation. You cannot afford to bore your audience from the start. This is why you need to improve your public speaking skill, and in this guide, you will learn about some of the best opening lines that can enhance your presentation.

The Best Opening Lines

Some of the best opening lines for you when you speak in public are as follows:


When you open with a relevant quote, you can help set the tone for the rest of your speech. For instance, one good opening line is- "It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good speech"- Mark Twain.

The only way you can develop speaking skills is by taking classes, which is the importance of public speaking. As a result, you will find many people opting to attend general speaking classes to enhance their skills. 

      "What If" Scenario

When you immediately draw your audience into your speech, it can work wonders; asking a question like "What if" invites them to follow the thought process. For instance, "What if we were sleeping all day? How different would our lives be? What would happen if we didn't work?".


You can ask a literal or rhetorical question. When you pose someone with a question, whether an answer is deserving or not, people try to engage you and provide one. You can learn about such opening lines by attending public speaking classes.

      “Imagine scenario”

This is a similar method but is more relevant for sensational examples. It will be able to put your audience members directly into your presentation by allowing every member to think of an extraordinary scenario.

"Imagine riding your car, and your brake is not working; what would you do? Would you jump out of your car?". You can learn to engage the audience by attending public speaking courses online.


When you pause for two to ten seconds, your audience can sit and quiet down. Many audiences expect a speaker to start immediately; an extra pause can help you get your audience's attention. One of the most significant importance of public speaking is that you can know ways of engaging with your audience.

 Final Words

As mentioned above, you can use some effective opening lines to engage better with your audience during a presentation. When you improve your public speaking skills by taking public speaking classes at Kafqa academy, you will learn more about how to deliver a speech and improve your speaking abilities.

Looking to improve your speaking abilities, Enroll in public speaking classes here.

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