Bharatanatyam Dance: Why I Miss it and Why I Want to Learn Again!

by Aiden Lincoln Choreographer

There are various reasons why people take a break from Bharatanatyam dance. For some, there is a shift in lifestyle, while others wish to focus on something more important in their life. Irrespective of the reasons, most classical dancers tend to come back to their routine. And who wouldn’t, given that Bharatanatyam dance is one of the most mesmerizing art forms. 


While kudos to you for thinking of getting back into the Bharatnatyam classical dance classes, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind for an effective transition to the routine.

  • Take it slow 

While it is completely easy for you to achieve the same performance level as before you decided to take the break, you are bound to experience a few difficulties with certain movements. This can result in you injuring yourself. 


Instead, take things slow so you can work up to the level. The notion is to make your body and mind get used to the routine.

  • Trust your muscle memory 

Ensure to practice repetition of steps at your Bharatanatyam dance classes. This is because repetition not only helps in developing muscle memory but will make it easier for you to get back to the level you were before. 


Practicing will also help your brain trust your body, therefore seamlessly moving from one step to another.  


  • Try something new at Bharatanatyam dance class 

You might know that there are different types of Bharatanatyam – Vazhuvoor, Melattur and Pandanallur. 


Use your come back to Bharatanatyam dance in a productive way by learning something different. Adding variety can help you determine your potential and become better at your existing dance form. 


  • Eat healthily 

Lastly, eating a healthy, balanced diet is imperative to make the most out of your routine in classical dance classes. 


Ensure to intake as much notorious food as possible to maintain healthy and strong muscles. And don’t worry, a cheat day in between doesn’t hurt anyone. 


Just ensure that most of your food intake is healthy to support the strength your body will require for the performance at Bharatanatyam classical dance classes.


Connect with Kafqa Academy experts today!

No matter how huge your gap is, there is always a way to snap back into the routine easily by following the tips mentioned above. 


Also, don’t forget to meet with the classical dance instructors at Kafqa Academy to determine where you stand and how to proceed further with the Bharatnatyam dance class.

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