Breast Cancer Awareness-The truth about male breast cancer

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Breast cancer in men is rare as less than 1% of breast cancer patients worldwide are men. That is why the awareness of the disease is low in the world population. While the 5-year survival rate of male breast cancer patients is extremely high at 84%, the primary issue with male breast cancer is catching the disease in the early stages. Breast cancer causes many symptoms in women; however, in men, such symptoms are ignored, due to the lower prevalence rates.

Who is at risk?
Men who inherit abnormal/mutated genes from their patents or with mutated BRCA2 gene are at more risk of developing breast cancer. The risk increases with age, at an average of 57 years and up people may fall prey to breast cancer, and may need the best cancer doctor in town. People in Noida & Delhi with such history can always seek the best breast cancer treatment in Noida or the best breast cancer treatment in Delhi from one of the best cancer doctors, Dr. Manish Singhal.

Other risk factors:

  • Higher estrogen level due to prostate cancer drugs, obesity, liver disease, or Klinefelter's Syndrome.
  • Family history of breast cancer. (other than parents)
  • Testicle disease or surgery

Symptoms of male breast cancer
With the help of some of the best cancer doctors and reputed cancer specialists in Delhi, people can conquer male breast cancer and emerge out of it victorious. The first step is understanding the symptoms.

  • Painless lump and/or thickened breast tissue
  • Changes on the skin covering the breast tissue such as dimpling, puckering, scaling, and redness
  • Changes on the nipples such as redness, scaling or turning inward
  • Discharge from the nipples

The common breast cancer causes
The exact cause of breast cancer in males is unknown, although older men with pre-existing conditions, and a family history of cancer or breast cancer, in particular, have a greater chance of getting the disease. With the help of the right breast cancer specialist, everyone can lead a better life irrespective of breast cancer causes.

Can you prevent breast cancer?

Since the cause of male breast cancer is not known even by the best cancer doctors and researchers, the best tip to reduce the risk of it is leading a healthier lifestyle. Eat right, stay active, stop your bad habits (like smoking or drinking), and you should be safer than most people.

To consult or not to consult
Whether the common breast cancer causes are relevant to you or not, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with male breast cancer or if you are from a high-risk group, you should connect with a reputed cancer specialist in Delhi, NCR or a renowned breast cancer specialist, like Dr. Manish Singhal.

You can find the best breast cancer treatment in Noida and the most trusted breast cancer treatment in Delhi with Dr. Manish Singhal lauded as one of the best cancer doctors in Delhi NCR, and India.

To wrap it up
While it is not common, breast cancer in males is quite possible and recognized worldwide as a concerning matter. The treatment options are many and forever evolving, and the best way to navigate through this difficult journey is to put your trust in the best cancer doctor in town.

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