AI-Powered Chatbots in E-Commerce: Leading Advantages

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Most people today know and understand that the day and age we live in, our world is brimming with technologies that have completely transformed our collective existence. There have been a handful of robust technologies, but only a rare bunch of them are quite as potent as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, even though it burst onto the scene relatively recently, has become a crucial part of the world now. AI has been helping us in ways that are subtle and sometimes in apparent techniques. Among the many, many ways AI has helped, chatbots figure as among the most revolutionary ones of them all.

Don’t believe us? Well, perhaps this will — a study found that by 2020, more than 50 percent of companies intend to make higher investments for the development of AI-driven chatbots than they do in mobile app development.  However, precisely what is driving such popularity for chatbots powered by artificial intelligence? Many things, such as the fact that they offer the ability to respond to an endless number of customers and that too all at the same time. Moreover, let’s not forget about their round-the-clock availability, which means customers always have access to support. However, is that all there is to AI-powered chatbots? No. Let’s take a look at some of their other benefits.

  1. Instant support: Research shows that most messages that necessitate an immediate response from the company are missed. Also, the words that do manage to get a response, well, it comes at a cost — the cost of waiting an average of 10 hours. That issue is sorted with AI chatbots since they are necessarily 24x7 customer service agents — ones that can determine and understand customers’ concerns and then appropriately respond to them.
  2. Better customer experiences: The point of chatbots is to make sure that any engagements between the brand and its customers are organized to help them boost the overall customer service experience. Again, chatbots empowered by artificial intelligence have the inherent ability to gauge and comprehend what customers want as they interact with the chatbot and then undertake relevant measures to resolve those queries. Moreover, that’s not all — if push comes to shove and the chatbot finds itself unable to address a particular concern effectively, it can also seamlessly entrust the problem to a human agent.
  3. Reduced costs: Anything that gets artificial intelligence will offer the ability to save costs, in unique ways, of course. In this context, AI-powered chatbots can be used to tend to more customers in a limited period, generate an increased number of leads, and more. Also, all of this, consequently, helps save costs that can then be fuelled towards more crucial aspects of the business.

As more and more people take up messaging and texting as the preferred means of communication, it only makes sense that businesses too integrate chatbots while developing an eCommerce website. So a company that intends to deliver high-quality customer service can’t do without AI chatbots anymore.

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