Leveraging Microsoft .NET for Big Data Analytics Integration

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Microsoft .NET is robust, flexible and powerful development framework comprising in-built functionalities for developing complex, large applications. While the demand for .NET development services continues to rise, particularly with more and more enterprises requiring a solution that can integrate well with Big Data.

And as enterprises embrace Big Data, they usually begin with batch processing the data and analytics assets. This means collecting the weblog data, a user clicks from an app, Telemetry from IoT devices, and more. There exist numerous technologies in Big Data. .Net integrates data analytics with your .NET systems and solutions you are building.

Integrating Big Data with ASP.NET
Large organizations have big data volumes that provide detailed insights to make informed decisions in real time. Business looks up to .NET and Big Data as technologies worth capitalizing on. By integrating both these technologies, they can leverage the benefit of its high scalability and flexibility availed from the massive data that combines both .NET and IIS Server. This, in turn, helps an enterprise scale while attaining the pre-determined business objectives. 

Benefits of Integrating Big Data Into .NET solutions:
Although Big Data is a powerful technology, there are times when it is considered as nice to have but not quite necessary. Given the stiff competition in the digital business world, the benefits of data analytics, as well as Big Data integration with .NET, should not be undermined. 

Those businesses that know how to leverage data analytics can have substantial breakthroughs and eventually make better-informed business decisions. Leveraging a comprehensive big data platform lets your business address various concerns and questions, ensures more accurate decision-making process and truly empower the workforce. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of Big Data integration.

#1 - Answer more questions, more accurately: 
Running and managing a business or processes is as critical as about answering questions. There are numerous questions to take into consideration, including what do customers need, who are your potential customers, why customers prefer one particular brand over the other and many more. Prior to facilitating data analytics, determining answers for even simplest of the questions can at times take more than a month for business teams to analyze. Even so, after determining the appropriate criteria, the actual analysis and compilation is a daunting, time-consuming task. In addition to this, the burden will further increase as the questions become more complex. 

But implementing a robust data business intelligence (BI) platform to answer critical questions can be an ideal solution. One of the best advantages of data analytics is its ability to ask and answer questions in a more detail-oriented fashion. It minimizes the entire process of answering complex questions from months or weeks to just a few days, hours or even minutes.

#2 - High data accuracy:
While implementing data analytics integration for simplifying the question-and-answer process to drive informed business decisions, an enterprise not only gets a holistic view of all the complex answers but also in-depth insights into it. However, implementing data analytics involved an inherent risk of incomplete or false data resulting in misinformed or even uninformed decisions. However, Big data has significantly lowered the risks through building a more complete and an accurate data view. By choosing the right platform, enterprises can aggregate data from a large number of sources. Inaccurate or unreliable data not only causes inconvenience but also harms the company as well.

What other benefits do you think data analytics and Big Data integration with .NET can provide? Let us know in the comments below.

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