Acing the Skills of Hitting a Driver

by Hubert Maass Golf Components & Custom Clubs Provider

The driver (also called 1 wood), among golf clubs, has the lowest loft. Loft is angle on a club that controls the route and affects distance of the shot. While some may say that the putter holds the most important club category, but the driver also has immense contribution. Let’s get to understand the basics of hitting a driver and why it should be one of the best shots of any golfer.

  • Balancing is Fundamental

Maintaining balance is of utmost importance while hitting a driver. Even ace golfers fail to keep balance while hitting hard so as to maximise distance. It is crucial to control your body balance while maximising distance by keeping your centre of gravity near the middle of stance during the backswing and then moving it rapidly towards the goal during downswing. To achieve a near perfect shot, it is recommended that you invest in custom golf clubs.

  • No Hurries

Beginner golfers tend to hurry and rush while they opt for a drive swing. There should be a slight pause so that you can gather your body strength so that the club can get in a proper direction and fall in place for the downswing. This mistake can be avoided only if you keep patience and understand your body’s strength before you disrupt an easy shot.

  • The Swing Force

A high voltage backspin is not recommended while hitting a driver. Too much force will generate a high altitude of the ball but will fall short of the potential distance it could have otherwise covered. A sweeping motion while hitting a driver will bring in a ground level angle which will lessen the spin rate and allow a successful hit.

  • Don’t Stress for Perfection

A rookie mistake is that golfers sometimes tend to overdo a shot for they feel more force will result in a great swing. But overdoing a shot leads to a wrong move. The goal is to keep your play consistent and get better by being patient and focusing on reaching there naturally. It is important to keep yourself in control and not lose a potentially winning shot.

  • Clear your Target

You need to fix your target before going for the driver shot. Take a moment, pay full attention and pick out a specific target for your shot. After this, it gets easier for you as well to decide what you are aiming at and how your shot should be played.


These very easy and simple steps on hitting a driver will not only improve your potentials but also will help you better understand about your custom golf drivers which you may find necessary to design as per your playing skills.

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