A Guide to Acing Your First Date

by Alex U. Digital Marketing

Do you want to ace your first date? Here are some tips to do so.

Take Preparation Seriously

There is an old saying that maintains 'those who fail to prepare are preparing themselves for failure.' Here are some essential first-date hints and tips that will help you prepare for that all-important first date ahead of time. This will ensure that everything goes according to plan - and that your nerves are settled when the time comes to shine. 

Choosing the Ideal Outfit

There are millions of people who are stressing right now over what to wear to their first date. However, your choice of outfit will depend on what sort of date you will be enjoying.

The Casual Approach - Opt for a relaxed, casual, yet stylish look. Jeans, casual lace-ups, or even trainers and a neutral collared shirt are timeless choices for men.

Ready for Romance - This can be a fine line. You will want to appear stylish - without appearing flashy. dressing to impress is an art. For women, a simple, classic evening dress and light makeup tick all the right boxes.

Outdoorsy Type - It's essential to appear (and be) relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, an outdoor outfit is great for expressing your fashion sense. 

The key is to look and feel good. Being a follower of fashion means that you are in a great position to make a fabulous first impression. Choose wardrobe items that express your unique style. The clothes should fit well - and not look as if they've gone around the block one too many times. 

Take into account Planned Activities

One of the ways to create a great first impression is to show that you have planned for the outing. When you are planning that first date, remember the golden rules - a first-date experience (and location) should allow you to chat, express your creativity and allow your partner to feel safe. It should also not damage your bank balance too badly and should be fairly close to home. A great first date idea is an essential part of planning for success - and might just be the most important hint of all.  

Some awesome destinations for your first date include a craft or farmers market or the local art gallery. If you want adventure find an extreme sport experience, or play the part of a tourist in your own city.

Home may be Where the Heart Is

When both parties are ready to take their dating experience to a whole new level there is always the option of enjoying a home date. Discuss the idea with your partner and make sure that they are comfortable with the idea, and be sure to emphasize that there are no expectations attached to the home date concept. If your significant other agrees, then keep things simple when preparing. Cook something that you know you can knock out of the ballpark - and plan ahead. Tidy up and make sure your home is neat - and that it is both welcoming and comfortable. Women may have some misgivings about leaping into the home date scene - but a video date is always a great first step, you feel safe, and get to view his place. 

The day has Arrived

The time has come to prepare yourself for that live interaction during the first date - here are some great tips to make sure that everything is perfect. 

Add some Pizazz to the Conversation

Swapping online messages is one thing - but speaking to someone face-to-face in the real world is another story entirely - and shyness can be a challenge. Try out some of these first-date questions to get over that initial awkward stage. Steer away from questions about what they do for a living and ask about their dream holiday destination or their favorite actor. They're easy questions that will allow both parties to become more relaxed - and ease into that first date experience. The guiding principle is that the other party should feel engaged in the conversation - and realize that you are focused on getting to know them better.    


Coping with Nervousness

It would be strange if you were not slightly nervous before your first date. Try not to become overly emotionally invested in the experience or the outcome. This is not a job interview for that dream position, nor should you expect an immediate electric jolt the moment you set eyes on your date. Approach the experience with an open mind - the person you are meeting wants to meet. Be your best authentic self. 

Tips for Men and Women - What to Avoid on a First Date

Along with hints and tips to ensure a great first date experience, there are some behaviors and approaches that you should avoid.


Don't bring up sex. It's an immediate turn-off and they’re not some pornstar escort.

Be hygienic, show that you have the manners of a gentleman, and dress neatly. Don't be a slob.

It's not all about you. Ask questions and listen to answers. This experience is one that thrives on conversational exchanges.

For Women:

Avoid the subject of marriage or family right away. Set a comfortable pace and watch romance bloom. 

Post Date

After that planning and thought are you surprised your date went fabulously? However, it's time to move on to the next step. What do you do? How do they feel about you and further dates? What's the best approach? There's no reason to be concerned - here are some essential first-date tips.

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