Trackobit Providing Advanced Driver Monitoring and Driver Reporting

by John S. Product Consultant & Observer

Drivers are who are incharge of driving fleet vehicles. Their activities determine the output of all the hard work fleet managers put into their planning and management stage. So essentially if drivers decide to execute tasks improperly, the entire business can face repercussions for the errors they make during this process. 

This is why TrackoBit ensures that managers are able to monitor and report their drivers flawlessly. 

The fleet management software is an amalgamation of various solutions coming together. They form a toolkit that allows fleet businesses to become profitable and efficient. 

How can drivers fit into this picture? Let us find out in the following section.

Why are Driver Monitoring and Driver Reporting Important?

Driver reporting forms a very essential part of the management process for any fleet business. But why is that the case? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Fleet Businesses Accumulating Losses: bad driving can not only lead to accidents but can also deteriorate the vehicle. This means that it consumes more fuel and requires several repairs, both of which are expensive. Consignment damage can also become a reason for a business to suffer losses, especially when we look at large fleets. 

  • Low Reputation: Word of mouth is one of the reasons behind fleet business’ low reputation> But when clients experience bad service, they are bound to spread the word. A bad reputation can not only affect the profits of a business but might also lead to client shrinkage.

  • Driver Replacement: In an establishment where none of the operations is properly planned and there is no clear direction for drivers, working becomes difficult. It is also difficult to show off hard work when there is no permanent data collection or insights. When there is no proper way of calculating wages, errors can lead drivers away. 

How Can Fleet Businesses Monitor Their Driver’s Activities?

A fleet management system is very multi-dimensional. It has several solutions that help businesses operate smoothly and form efficient schedules that benefit both the business and the driver. These solutions include: 

  • Video Telematics: These solutions are divided into two parts, ADAS and DMS. The driver monitoring system allows managers to get visual data of the system and can help eliminate any instances of distracted driving. This process happens through the dashcams installed in the vehicle. 

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring: These solutions allow managers to ensure that drivers do over speed, corner harshly, brake abruptly, idle and accelerate unnecessarily. This way managers ensure their vehicles stay safe from accidents. Thus, the fleets will be able to stay healthy for a longer time.

Can Driver Monitoring Benefit Fleet Businesses?

Driver monitoring and reporting can be very beneficial for a fleet business. This is because when managers are aware of their activities in real time, they can make quick decisions that will help optimize the business. Some of the benefits fleet businesses can gain from monitoring their drivers are:

High Visibility

There is no way a manager and driver will be able to keep each other updated on their activities in real time without TrackoBit’s solutions. This is why with the system in place, they do not have to stress over communication as automation takes care of that. 

The fleet management system also ensures managers can mitigate any problem drivers encounter on their journeys. Thus, they can become time efficient as well. The Alert system gives proof of their driver’s innocence in case they are wrongly accused of accidents that are not their fault. 

Boosted Production

When drivers pay better attention to their tasks, there is less distraction. This is why they are able to complete more tasks than before. For drivers that have to complete tasks for their paycheck, this opportunity allows better earnings as well. 

Ultimately it is a positive growth for the fleet business and the drivers. 

Fewer Accidents

Accident control becomes easy when drivers are under constant surveillance. Drivers become more conscious of the way they manoeuvre a vehicle and keep it out of harm’s way. DMS makes sure they are not distracted or tired as these things might affect their tasks and can lead to collisions. 

Data Collection

Reporting is complex without any means to collect data flawlessly. But the first step to optimisation is data collection itself. This is why the driver monitoring solutions ensure that all the drivers are qualified via cloud documentation. 

It allows managers to upload all the required documents of their drivers. Errors in this step might lead to accidents as the vehicle would be in the hands of an inexperienced driver. 

The system also stores all the data and then converts it to insights. These insights helped point out all the shortcomings in the fleet’s operations. This made targeted optimisation easier too. For drivers struggling to drive vehicles properly, managers could devise training programs. 

Is Monitoring Drivers a Breach of Their Privacy?

Many drivers think that a fleet management system is there to spy on them. But this is not true at all. The only function of driver monitoring and reporting solutions is ensuring a fleet is secure. Managers do not pry into any private activity for the driver as long as they are not interfering with their work.

Drivers can get a lot of benefits from this system if they start seeing them in a positive light. The system allows managers to see which drivers are putting in more hard work and can incentivise them accordingly. It also ensures the safety of the drivers in a field of work where fatalities on roads are very common. 


Both driver behaviour monitoring and visual driver assistance allow fleet businesses to ensure an extra layer of safety for their vehicles. This is why investing in a fleet management system can be not only profitable, but can also yield benefits in the form of high vehicle life, better productivity, and efficiency. 

So why not try out a custom fleet management system by requesting TrackoBit’s demo? It is the leading gps tracking software in the market. With its customisable solutions, you can decide what features are relevant to you and personalise your system. After all, no glove fits all!

Source: Trackobit Providing Advanced Driver Monitoring and Driver Reporting

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