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Earlier advertisements were created largely to be a single-sided communication. Traditionally, when a consumer saw an ad, they would hardly notice it and probably even forget about the ad after some time. But with interactive ads, consumers are more likely to remember the ad because of the creative elements used in the ads. Creative interactive ads engage consumers to participate and interact with the ad rather than just viewing the ad passively. Interactive ads require consumer engagement and response to trigger the ad, which is something quite difficult to achieve with traditional advertising. Here’s more about the different kinds of interactive ads available today:

Playable Ads

Playable ads are among the newest and most popular kinds of advertising that are used generally for advertising by the gaming industry. These types of ads encourage users to solve a puzzle or mystery or control a character or clear a level and include a download option as the call to action. Playable ads provide advertisers insight into how users interact with the ad or if the users are interested in that particular type of game.

Interactive Video Ads

Creative interactive ads give consumers the ability to control the narrative of the story, along with the viewpoint and the character’s decisions as they see in the ad. Interactive video ads urge the viewer to interact with the ad, which helps them remember the ad for a longer period of time.

Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented reality advertising is among the most interesting ways to engage consumers in a specific product or service. As the name suggests, augmented reality uses augmentation to amplify images on the screen taken by the camera to attract consumers. Augmented reality advertising can also include 3D representations of actual products for a more enhanced form of advertising.

360 Degree Video Advertising

360-degree video advertising is a type of interactive advertising that makes viewers feel that they are part of the ad. The ad gives viewers a 360-degree immersive experience, adding importance to the smallest of details.

Interactive Display Ads

In interactive display ads, advertisers use various elements like sound, video, gifs, etc. to make the ad stand out. Interactive display ads also include expandable ads that appear at full stretch when the user hovers over the ads or clicks on them. This gives advertisers a better idea about user engagement for the ad.

Interactive Voice Ads

With the advent of information technology, more and more advertisers are using interactive voice ads that use the user’s voice to display the ad. These types of ads engage the user by starting a conversation and allowing the user to respond with voice. If the user responds in affirmative, then the ad gives the user more information about the product or redirects them to a landing page. If the user responds in the negative, then the ad engages the user through alternative ways.

Interactive ads serve as two-way communication, as consumers are also equal participants in the ads rather than just seeing the ad passively. Creative interactive ads result in better conversion rates, enhanced audience reach and engagement, and better brand value. Interactive ads for all good reasons are the way of the future.

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