A Guide To Peridot Gemstone

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When you think of the color green and then the first gemstone that comes to your mind is the Emerald gemstone. As we all know that emerald is the highly precious gemstone of planet Mercury which is termed as the Budh Ratna. The stone is quite more expensive compared to any other type of gemstone found on the earth. It is a precious part of the Navratna family. Basically, we have mainly four gemstones which are considered as they are highly precious gemstones which include Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald or Panna stone. Hence, there is this gemstone that is as stunning as an emerald gemstone and doesn’t come with a massive price tag. Yes, It is the beautiful Peridot gemstone that is recognized as the substitute for Emerald gemstone. People who are born in the month of August are recommended to wear the stone to attain the best results in life. This peridot gemstone is best known as the birthstone of the august month. Hence, if you are born in the month of august then a real peridot gemstone can help you to get success in your life. 

With its impressive green hue, as like emerald stone, peridot is also known as the gemstone of planet Mercury and supports the wearer to get the perks that this ruling planet offers.

This stunning gemstone form of Olivine, this peridot gemstone refers to the forsterite-fayalite family and it is a magnesium iron silicate mineral. The attractive green color of the stone ranges from brilliant yellow-green to deep olive or brownish-green. Its beautiful green hue makes it more popular among all the semi-precious gemstones.

Natural peridot gemstone is regarded as the birthstone for the month of August. The stone holds a rich history that elongates way back to 1500 BC. Today, this stunning gemstone is contained by several people and has been adorning jewelry pieces for ages now.

This ultimate guide to peridot gemstone can assist you to know this gem in a little better way. So, keep reading this amazing article to get the much-needed knowledge about the fabulous peridot gemstone!

Peridot Gemstone: Meaning and Importance

Peridot, the striking gemstone in incredible colors shades of olive, is a gem that symbolizes passion and well-being. Initially, the gemstone is named Topazos in honor of the Topazios Island in the Red Sea on which the gem was first found, peridot gemstone was later renamed as St. John’s Island, and then Zabargad. After these, all the titles, finally it is named as “Peridot”, it is originated from the Arabic word “faridat” which means “gem”.

This stunning gemstone strengthens not only the body but also the mind and takes an individual to new heights of consciousness and self-development. Wearing a peridot gemstone is supposed to awaken one’s self, encouraging them to learn the scope of their lives and guiding them to the path of religiosity.

Color of Peridot Gemstone

Peridot gemstones appear in many shades of light green, and only green. An individual can presumably find a peridot that balances the color you actually want. Peridot gemstone can show low, emerald-like colors as well as almost neon illumination. Different gemstones from different sources present distinct shades of green color.

Cut of Peridot

Peridot gemstone can be formed into all the popular gemstone shapes, such as round, princess, marquise, oval, emerald, radiant, heart, and cushion. Because the stone is considered highly transparent, gemstone cutters lead to face it in order to increase its brilliance.

Peridot gemstone can be a delicate gemstone to cut because it is likely to cracking or shivering during the cutting process of the gemstone.

Clarity of Peridot

Peridot gemstone is highly transparent and it contains inclusions within the stone that can surely be seen. When there are some inclusions in the stone then the price of the peridot stone drops dramatically and the stone loses its worth.

When it comes to the smaller-sized peridot gemstone, these are generally flawless to the naked eye, larger gems may sometimes include inclusions that dull the stone and yield it a cloudy appearance.

It is crucial to evaluate the purity of the peridot gemstone before you buy it to ensure that there are no such visible inclusions in the stone. Always shop a peridot gemstone from a trusted dealer which offers certified gemstones along with the authenticity certificate. For more updates, you are free to visit our website.

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