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There have been huge advancements in the way companies render asphalt services Sydney of different kinds. Now they are found working as per the management plan and even using technologies to keep the asphalt constructions in a perfect shape.

There are different technologies now being used in the process and one is infrared that is found using for repairs of asphalt constructions.

In this post, we will go through some important facts that you would love to know about using infrared in repair related tasks.

When should I use infrared repair for my asphalt repair?

According to highly reputed and affordable asphalting service provider in Sydney, infrared repair has emerged as one of the most impressive ways to repair asphalt constructions. The best thing about this repair technology is that it entirely eliminates the need of extensive resurfacing or replacement. Because of this, you will find companies using an infrared repair technique for issues like potholes, pavement heaving and uneven or rough driving surfaces.

How does infrared repair work?

  • According to the experts of asphalt services Sydney, this process involves heating the damaged part of the asphalt and then, replenishing it before mixing it with new asphalt.

The entire process can be understood in a better manner by going through this guide for using infrared for the repair process.

  • The area to be treated is swept free from debris and thoroughly dried out

  • It is ensured that nothing blocks the infrared repair process from reaching the asphalt surface

  • An infrared heater is used over the damaged area to heat it for about 5-10 minutes

  • The time involved in heating may differ based on the existing aggregate

  • The season in which this repair work is being carried out can also influence the time used for heating

  • Also, the depth of the damage is another influencer and more extensive damage takes longer to treat

  • Upon heating, the experts rake the area to be repaired and set it free from the loose and failed aggregate.

  • Then, they use a rejuvenator that they add to the remaining aggregate and also replenishing oils are added that often abolish because of oxidation.

  • The next step involves adding a new asphalt that is mixed thoroughly to ensure that it is graded to the proper level.

  • After mixing, the next step they take is of compacting the area to create a seamless patch and for this; they use a multi-ton vibratory roller or plate.

What are the benefits of infrared repair?

  • Reclaiming and repair of asphalt can be done without risk of burning, scaling, or separating the asphalt from the aggregate itself

  • Mixing the existing asphalt with new material results in a seamless repair

  • Preventing moisture damage by eliminating the possibility of joints for water to seep into.

  • This method of asphalt repair is more cost-effective

  • Infrared repair is also a more time-effective process than others

  • Repair can be driven on almost immediately

  • It is the only treatment that can be implemented all year round

  • This method of asphalt repair is always viable

  • Infrared repair is an intermediate solution to pavement failure, not a permanent one

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