A Dual Battery Charging System to Power all Your Comforts on a Campsite

by Stevie Olson Marketing Executive

The electrical demands of your 4 x 4, camper, caravan,. SUVs and trail-friendly trucks in Australia are hardly typical as they have a higher demand of electrical power. Even if you use your battery with the engine on, it will require more than a few minutes of winching to charge it. This will increase the energy debt on your vehicle as it will not be able to recharge the battery with the demand of its use, especially if you are using your automobile’s electric power in your vehicle at a campsite.

In a typical single battery system, the starting battery and accessories are powered by a single battery, increasing its chances of drainage with an onboard entertainment system or other accessories requiring a large load in use. Your afternoon fishing trip could suddenly turn suddenly serious if your main battery is too drained to start the engine.

Meeting the increasing demand for energy

The solution for the increasing demand of your vehicle is a dual car battery charging system. At its most basic level, a dual battery charging system has two batteries connected in parallel that double up the amount of available electricity to you. However, one battery after another will eventually go flat with this arrangement. A dual battery charging system will provide you the electricity to power your additional comforts such as fridge or camping accessories without flattening your main battery.

A dual battery charging system allows you to power your various electrical components such as camping lights and fridge without draining the main battery.  It is designed in a way that both the main battery and the auxiliary battery benefit from the automated charging system or the alternator. However, the two batteries need to be separated so that the secondary battery does not drain the main battery when it is being used. For this, a smart solenoid or a smart battery isolator may be used in the dual battery charging system.

Alternator to boost electrical output

The alternator used in your dual car battery charging system consists of a stator and coil windings inside which a rotator revolves. The rotor is an electromagnet whose rotation inside the stator coils generates much more electricity inside the coils. Electromagnets in the alternator helps in boosting the output of the electric current. The alternator has a transistor-operated control device that is used to regulate the voltage to the electromagnet as required.

A smart isolator keeps the secondary battery disconnected until the starter battery is fully charged. This way, the smart isolator ensures that you always have enough power to start your vehicle on a campsite after a long time of idling. Some modern smart isolators allow you to jumpstart the starter battery off the secondary battery.

Intelligent maintenance charger

Some models of smart isolators feature DC to DC chargers to meet the strict fuel and emission targets. The charger makes for two completely separateseparate electrical systems. Some high-end automobile models can even regulate solar inputs. If your vehicle doesn’t have a car dual battery charging system, you may be suggested to install one by the auto mechanics Brisbane.

A dual battery charging system may become dysfunctional due to a variety of reasons, such as loose connections, corroded terminalsterminals, and reduced capacity to hold a charge.

Addressing the problem with your dual battery charging system

A battery condition indicator is provided on your 4 x 4 to show your battery’s state of charge. A warning light on your dashboard will show that the battery is not being properly charged. If you have problems with your dual car battery charging system, you need to get have it inspected by RACQ-approved auto mechanics Brisbane who can diagnose the problems with your car’s charging system.

North Brisbane based Sandgate Auto Electrics has RACQ-approved mechanics who can diagnose all the electrical and mechanical issues with your car including its dual battery charging system. The RACQ-approved auto mechanics Brisbane make use of the latest tools and techniques to fix the any problems with your car.

The auto mechanics Brisbane will test your dual battery charging for its optimum performance and repair or replace it as required. They have OEM parts to replace the any faulty ones to ensure that you get the best service after your repairs. You will be provided pictures of all th4e work done on your automobile along with the notes by the technicians for your future reference. 

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