Get a Robust Auto Electrical System for Safe Driving with Expert Help

by Stevie Olson Marketing Executive

Your car battery provides electrical current to your car until it starts, including its ignition and fuel system which are needed to start your vehicle. It provides a small amount of current to the starter motor that rotates the flywheel, turns the crankshaft and moves pistons. It’s important that the starter draws the right amount of current as excessive current can wear it out, while too low of an amount can corrode the cables and connections.


The life of a battery is determined by the thickness and number of plates in it. Eventually, it wears out and won’t be able to hold charge to supply the starter motor. Auto electricians at a licensed service station and RACQ-approved auto mechanics in Brisbane can test the battery with a hygrometer and other mechanical components of your car to diagnose any faults with them. The most common reason for battery failure is loose or corroded cable connections. Overcharging can also kill the battery as it may be heated to the point that water in the electrolyte is boiled off. In some instances, a battery may also explode due to overcharging.


Alternator keeps the engine going


It’s the alternator that really keeps the engine going. When your engine is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged and the electrical system going. It creates electrical current from the movement of the car, just like a windmill generates current from the movement of wind on its blades. You may be able to start your car with a faulty alternator but won’t be able to run it smoothly for an extended period of time. A faulty alternator will make the electrical system function erratically. A complete check of your car’s electrical systems by expert and trained auto electrician Brisbane will ensure the alternator is generating enough current and voltage to keep the engine running in a smooth manner.


Electricity is needed for the headlights and brake lights to function and the wipers to wave across the windshield. It is also needed for dashboard gauges, speedometer, fuel level indicator, and interior lighting. All electrical components in an automobile are connected through wires that flow current, and fuses to protect damage to the wiring.


Other components of a car’s electrical systems include:


  • Electronic locking and immobilization systems
  • Dashboard components and screens
  • Audio-visual equipment and LCD screens
  • Keyless entry and steering immobilization
  • Heaters and defrosters

Electronics in modern automobiles


Modern cars feature advanced electronics such as on-board diagnostics, advance turbocharging, Bluetooth integration, electronically-controlled torque vectoring differential, vehicular communication, and a lot more which are designed to enhance the comfort level of the riders and make their driving safe on the road. These advanced electronics require the expert knowledge of qualified and well-trained professionals to fix any issues with them.


Signs of problems with your car’s electrical systems


If you begin to experience engine cranking problems, battery problems, blown-out fuse problem, plastic burning smell, ignition system problems, lose spark plugs, problems with air conditioning, on-board infotainment systems, internal lighting, headlights, etc. these all indicate issues with your car’s electrical system.


Car electrical problems should never be ignored as faults in the system can jeopardize your life as well as your passengers lives, and also endanger other drivers on the road. Approach a trusted mechanic in Brisbane that has qualified auto electricians to diagnose any problems with your car’s electrical systems.


RACQ-approved auto electricians in Brisbane


Sandgate Auto Electrics has a licensed workshop in Brisbane with state-of-the-art facilities able rectify issues with the complex circuitry of modern-day vehicles. They have RACQ-approved mechanics that use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to diagnose and fix problems with your car’s electrical and mechanical systems. They can repair and service different car brands including Honda, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Audi and others. They also provide car air conditioning services and auto mechanic services to vehicle owners in and around Brisbane. A series of photos along with documented records of all the repairs completed, and notes from technicians are provided for your future reference.

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