Fixing Problems with Your Car Electrical System with the Help of Expert Electricians

by Stevie Olson Marketing Executive

Various driver assistance and passenger comfort features in modern cars consume a lot of power which puts a strain on the battery and can drain battery power too soon. Consumption of 100 Watt corresponds to fuel consumption of 0.1 liter per 100 kilometers.

Similarly, there have been exceptional advances in car electronics and remarkable growth in the functions of car electrical systems, As a result, vehicle electrical systems and wiring have become complex, as they have to incorporate more connectors, relays, terminals and control units. Only specialized auto electricians should fix any problems with your car’s complex electrical systems, the key components of which are briefly described below.

Vehicle electrical system 

A vehicle’s electrical system consists of the below:

Battery: It provides power to various electrical systems of the vehicle when the engine is not running. It also provides energy for cranking the engine when you start your car. It stores energy in the form of chemical energy, converts it into electrical energy and supplies it for running various electrical parts of the vehicle. 

Charging system: When the battery is discharged, the charging system charges the battery so that it can provide the power again whenever needed.

Starting system: Unlike the earlier manual starting, this allows you to start the system with the touch of a button. 

Ignition system: It converts the battery voltage to a higher value to produce a spark needed to burn the fuel.

Lighting system: It provides electrical power to a vehicle to help other drivers visualize its movement safely. 

Auxiliary equipment: This system provides power to auxiliary equipment such as electrically-operated windows, door-locking actuators, fridge, cruise control systems, adaptive noise control, etc.

In-car entertainment and communication: This system provides power to your music players, camera, radio and interference suppression. 

A typical mid-priced car in Australia uses up to 2 km of wiring and more than 2200 terminals. The weight of the distribution system, consisting of a number of relays and connectors, can be up to 40 kg.

Printed circuit board 

Electrical cables used in automobiles contain wires bunched together and are encased in an insulating covering. The bundle of cables is carefully routed around the vehicle to avoid trim screws, mounting bolts and extremities of temperature. Terminals are used to attach cables to components while connectors are used to join the cables together.

A printed circuit board or PCB is used to provide a more compact and reliable service arrangement. PCB is of particular importance for the instrument panel and component sub-assemblies in electronic control units. 

Fuse and short circuit

In the event of a short circuit, a higher amount of current than its normal value flows from the car battery. This can overheat the cable, melt its insulation and may cause a fire. A circuit-protection device, such as a fuse or thermal circuit breaker is provided to protect your automobile’s wiring from such incidents. When a fuse is blown in the process, it should be replaced by another fuse of a similar rating. 

Starter and battery problem

You can experience a starter problem due to issues with your car’s electrical system. Even if you have a fully charged battery and a great alternator belt, you won’t be able to go anywhere if your car isn’t starting. Starter makes a little “click” sound when you push the start button to start your engine. You should have it inspected by an auto electrician if you do not hear this sound. You can also have battery troubles if there is leakage or the battery is worn out. 

Spark plugs

Spark plugs power up the piston in your vehicle’s engine. Just like lose screws in your furniture, lose spark plugs can cause many problems. You will lose power rapidly and your vehicle will eventually come to a standstill if there is some problem with the spark plugs. 

If you smell burning plastic while driving, it could be indicative of a shorted wire. Have your vehicle inspected by an experienced auto electrician for possible short-circuiting as it can cause your car to burn and even explode.

Alternator problem 

If there is a problem with the alternator, your vehicle will have a slow start and there will be a rapid loss of speed. A malfunctioning alternator must be replaced immediately.

Safety assistance features should remain functional even on a low-charge. So, when you go to a workshop for auto repairs, get your battery inspected by a qualified and trained auto electrician. Many vehicle breakdowns occur due to electrical system failure that can also result in accidents on the road. 

Car electrical and mechanical repairs by experts

If you are experiencing electrical or mechanical problems with your car, you should approach a trusted auto servicing center in your area. Sandgate Auto Electrics has RACQ-approved auto electricians and auto mechanics that use the latest diagnostic tools and software to find electrical and mechanical problems in your car. The company provides all types of car repair services including air conditioning repairs, dual battery charging systems, suspension and steering, caravan and marine repairs, accident and insurance repairs. The car owners are provided a series of photos of all the repairs done along with notes by the technicians. The company also provides onsite car repair services in Brisbane and neighboring regions.

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