Jumpstarting Your Battery and Importance of Dual Battery System

by Pankaj Sharma Digital Marketing Professional

Imagine trying to get to work after a long time or in the dreaded cold or rain. Horrible vision? It can turn into the worst nightmare if the engine doesn’t start. That rough clicking sound in the colds is the last straw and if that falls out, your car battery is probably dead. To avoid facing a dead or flat battery, you could get a car dual battery system installed. If you don’t have that…

Well then you have no other alternative than to jump start the battery. You can always call the mechanic and get it over with. Jump starting the battery might sound like reviving a patient from the dead, but a lot simpler. However, you would still need to follow some precautions.

Here is how to begin with the procedure:

1. Switch off the ignition of both the cars and get the jump points ready for the process.

2. Connect a red coloured clamp tightly to the positive terminal of your car. The other red clamp should be off the ground and not touching anything metallic. Then get the other red clamp and connect to the positive terminal of the donor car.

The positive terminals are marked with + sign or have red insulation! The black clamps are to follow similarly.

4. Now wait for the donor car to charge up your dead car battery. You can start the donor car and keep it idle.

5. After a few minutes, you can proceed with the final step. Guessing that your car battery was just out of a little power, it is probably juiced up now.

Had the battery been clicking, you might need a few more minutes.

Twist the ignition key and be patient. If the starter doesn’t pick, allow the battery to charge for another 10 minutes. To help the matter, increase the revs of the donor engine. Your car will eventually respond and start within a few minutes.

 However to avoid such a scenario and to allow heavy systems to sustain in your vehicle, we recommend getting a car dual battery system which will be able to power up air-conditioning and will have reserved power left even after you try  to start the car after a long time! A onetime investment, it will surely make a lot of other things easier when the need arises!

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