A Complete Checklist For Having The Best Ink-Based Printing Supplies

by Dominick Raucci Business Head
Inks are one of the most common consumables used in printing processes. The print quality and longevity also depend on the ink you are using, so having the right printing supplies is crucial. If you mistakenly end up with the wrong product, there is no way you can yield excellent results or reduce the cost per page. Besides, if you are involved in screen printing, a wrongly chosen ink will destroy the entire textile print design.

Therefore, you should stock proper supplies from the market. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds because choosing the best one sounds cumbersome and quite daunting with tons of products available in the market. Bearing this in mind, here is a complete checklist for you so that you can include the best ink to your list of offset printing supplies.

Van Son Inks Are The Best In Class For Commercial Printing Projects?

Van Son ink (its latest edition - Ultimate edition) is, undoubtedly, the market leader with amazing features like press performance. The unique binder system of these ink enables a very stable ink/water balance that ensures great colour and consistently high-speed printing. Look for Van Son Ink suppliers in your vicinity if you want to earn goodwill for your printing business the soonest.

Types Of Inks Used For Printing

There are two major inks used for printing- toner and cartridges. Both these product types have different uses and advantages, which is why you should research them in-depth before deciding which one you need. But for starters, we have given a brief explanation about it.

  • Toners are one of the most common offset printing supplies used in laser printers. They are available in powder firms that get adhered to the paper permanently on heat application.
  • Cartridges are used in inkjet printers, and they are mainly liquid-based. You will get both black and other colour options as per the use.

Composition Of The Printing Supplies

You need to check the composition of the inks because your print quality and longevity will depend on the ingredients present. For example, if your chosen cartridge does not have strong binders, the ink will smudge and get blurred easily. Similarly, if the components of a laser printing ink do not have proper adherence, the print will start to fade with time. This is why you should check what ingredients are present in these ink supplies and whether or not they are in a good percentage.

  • The main ingredients are organic compounds, minerals, and polymers in a toner.
  • A cartridge Van Son ink will have binders, carbon blank, dyes, solvents, and more.

Colour Richness And Intensity

If the link you have chosen does not have a rich colour with intense shade, it will be practically impossible to read all the contents printed on the paper. Also, it will be a very poor-quality print that won’t be profitable for your business. Therefore, if you want a standard or a high-quality print, ensure that the pigment concentration is high and the colours are rich and intense. When the ink is transferred onto the paper, it should make all the elements prominent and easily visible.

Ink Compatibility With The Printer

Just like with other supplies, make sure that the Van Son ink or any other ink you are buying is compatible with the printer you have. For example, cartridges are used in inkjet printers, but you won’t find any universal product which can work with all the printers present in the market. A similar thing will happen when you have to buy the toners for laser printers. Make sure to check whether the chosen product is compatible with the printer you are using or not.

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