Make A Disaster Supply Checklist: Four-Person Essential Emergency Supplies

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Do you have what it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones in a disaster? Do you know how to thrive without access to supermarkets, hardware stores, or the Internet? You might never need this knowledge, but it's one of those things you'd be glad to have when tragedy strikes. Arm yourself with the right skills and gear with tips from Alexander Tawiah!

The survival expert’s e-book, "22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills," equips you and your family with essential survival skills which you can use in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. As the world shifts and the climate crisis becomes more apparent, many are keen on investing in emergency preparedness knowledge and gear, and this e-book helps you pick out the right items for your toolkit.

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The e-book provides guidance on practical skills, including how to start a fire, navigate without a map or compass, administer first aid, protect oneself against wild animals, repair a home or car, and preserve food. These skills are essential in many crisis situations, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, flash floods, or encounters with dangerous wildlife.

Tawiah states that since a crisis can occur anywhere and anytime, you can increase your chances of survival with proper knowledge, presence of mind, and the right set of tools. His e-book delves into hunting, fishing, foraging, and even water purification techniques. The survival expert emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude, especially when the crisis is worse than expected or takes a long time to improve. He states that this is a crucial aspect of survival and one that is often overlooked by many preppers. Learn more at

Designed with novices in mind, "22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills" teaches individual and group survival techniques, whether for families with small children or those caught in school or the workplace when the disaster strikes. Tawiah also provides a supplementary guide on teaching self-reliance to kids and teenagers.

Alongside the e-book, Alexander provides a first aid manual on his website, focusing on effective treatment and management of common illnesses and injuries. This manual is useful when medical services and supplies are not readily accessible, making it a good addition to any prepper's toolkit. Find out more at

“People don’t think that far enough ahead when it comes to natural or man-made disasters, more so in the inner cities. Even today, many people don’t give a second thought as to what would happen if the food supply networks broke down and transportation became non-existent or seriously hampered such that the supermarkets have empty shelves and no basic commodities. Our goal is to help you find the best survival gear and equipment available for camping, hiking, personal safety, and emergency preparedness,” a representative said.

Beyond surviving disasters, survival skills foster self-reliance, and learning to depend on yourself in difficult situations boosts confidence and self-esteem, which can spill over various aspects of everyday life. Facing and overcoming adversities in survival scenarios helps develop mental and physical toughness, which trains you to handle stress and persist in other challenging situations as well. Learn more at

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, survival skills are even more critical. Camping, hiking, and hunting become safer and more enjoyable with the right survival skills. In fact, these skills enhance your connection with nature by teaching you how to utilize natural resources wisely and sustainably, fostering a deep respect for the environment.

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