A Brief History Of Emerald Gemstone

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In Vedic astrology, Panna ratan has been regarded as a highly effective gemstone since ancient times. In accordance with classical Hindu literature, an Emerald stone signifies small yet powerful planet mercury. Mercury is also regarded as the Budh planet and hence the stone of this powerful planet is considered as Budh Ratna. This green-colored magical emerald stone carries a strong influence over native’s life. Although, the stone is associated with the Budh planet and hence Panna stone has got an important place in Vedic astrology. Primarily, the stone is worn to strengthen the weaker placed mercury in the birth chart and gain its advantages in life. Henceforth, it helps to protect the wearer from the evil impacts of malefic mercury. The green-colored emerald stone has a great significance in Vedic astrology. In western astrology, the Panna stone is best regarded for the people born in the month of May. This precious member of the beryl mineral family is best known for its mesmerizing aura and unsurpassed aesthetic value. These are considered extremely durable. Its amazing healing and metaphysical properties are best described by ancient saints and sages. Based on its variety of color and properties, there are some rich varieties of emerald stones such as No Oil Emerald and Panjshir Emerald

Emerald has different names in different languages. People who belong to different cultures bearing emeralds with various names. This vivid stone is known as Panna stone in Hindi, in Sanskrit, it is called Pachu stone, In Bangla, it is called Paannaa, in Persian and Urdu it is called Jarmurad or Zammarud, in Gujrati it is known as Peeloo, and in Kannada, it is called Paachichalai. The name of the gemstone is related to the greek word Smaragdos and it is also signified as Budh Ratna, Market Mani, Taakshyar, Garoortyat, Soumya, Souperna, and Haridararatnag in India. 

History Of Emerald: Apparently, Emerald gemstones are supposed to be one of the most beloved gemstones of planet earth. As early as 2600 million years ago, according to some estimates, they were already forming under the earth. The history of this fascinating green-colored emerald stone can be traced back to the Egyptian era when Cleopatra found emeralds for his jewelry. When we talk about history then the home of these ancient emeralds is supposed to be somewhere around the red sea. Hence, the mines are commonly referred to as "Cleopatra's Mines" now. The reason behind the color variety of emerald gemstone is the presence of trace elements Chromium and Vanadium. These elements are found in high volumes in some places. It also contains some other element that makes the gem Beryllium. As tectonic plates separate, these elements are brought to the surface, and the same process causes many fractures in the gemstone. Henceforth, most of them have flaws while it is quite difficult to find a tough one. 

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