8 Hydrating Beverages To Try This Summer

by Shreyansh K. Organic Fruit Juices

As the summer sets in, temperatures soar, and you think of various ways to beat the heat and take a chill pill. Despite the intolerable heat, you enjoy the summer to the fullest, thanks to frozen desserts, cold-pressed juices, and other such amazing beverages. In summers, your body tends to lose water at a faster rate due to excessive sweating. While water is essential to quench your thirst, you can try some summery fruit juices that not only quench your thirst but also keep your body refreshed.

Following are some beverages you must get your hands on this summer:

  • Mango: While milkshakes, smoothies, and mango juices are refreshing, there is nothing that can beat our desi Aam Panna. It is most popular in Maharashtra and is lip-smacking. The liquid is prepared using mango pulp, blended with jeera, cumin seeds, and mint leaves. It not only refreshes you but also keeps you energised through the sunny days.


  • Cumin seeds: Add some cumin seed powder to water and voila, you have one of the best solutions to your digestion concerns. People face several digestive issues in summers and cumin juice, famously called jaljeera is the best way to fasten the digestive process. Gulp a chilled glass of jaljeera and experience summer like never before.


  • Buttermilk: Also known as chaas, Buttermilk is a curd-based beverage which is undoubtedly the favourite amongst Indians. It not only is the best digestive option but also a refreshing drink with all the necessary spices. It offers additional benefits to the body such as washing down oily foods, fights dehydration, provides calcium without fat, detoxifies the body, reduces blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, controls acidity and eases constipation.


  • Coconut water: Another fruit juice in demand during summers is coconut water. It cheers you up instantly. It has a mild sweetness and a fresh taste to it that makes it a perfect summer drink. It also makes for great electrolyte, especially when you are dehydrated. Load yourself with some coconut water and keep those summer blues away.


  • Sugarcane juice: Sugarcane juice acts as a remedy for different problems. It is an energy drink, helps build up plasma and body fluids, counterattacks dehydration and dullness. You could add some mint leaves to give it a bit of a tangy and refreshing taste. Sugarcane juice is a perfect summer drink you could ask for.


  • Banana: It is difficult to imagine banana as a fruit juice. But how about a lassi? Punjabi lassi is, of course, best consumed in its smooth and creamy form. It is an excellent refreshment as a summer cooler. You can add some variants to it by making an avocado, banana, or mango lassi to give some sweet taste to your buds. Now is the time to try one of them.


  • Barley water: It is an ancient remedy for good health. To make a barley water, try the following recipe.


  • ¾ cup pearl barley
  • 2 lemons (zested and juice)
  • 6 cups water
  • ½ cup honey

Gather the ingredients. Place the barley in sieve and wash it under cold water till it turns clear. Place the barley in a saucepan with grated lemon zest and 6 cups of water. Medium heat the ingredients. Once boiled, bring down the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the mixture in a heatproof bowl and remove the barley. Add some honey and stir it. Put the lemon juice to it and let the mixture cool to room temperature. Pour them in the bottle and let it refrigerate. Serve them cool and enjoy your drink.

  • Lemon juice: Why would someone miss out this most sought-after summer fruit juice. Nimbu paani or lemon juice is ideal for almost any summer problem, be it indigestion or dehydration. While you don’t need to add additional ingredients to the juice, some like thier drink with mint leaves, lemon, sugar, salt, and water. You could also add some spices like cumin powder, coriander powder and black pepper to make it tangy.


  • Watermelon juice: It is the go-to fruit juice and the best summer juice ever. Watermelon juice contains all hydrating elements that keep the body fresh in the summer.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a drink this summer. Stay hydrated. Stay fresh.

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