6 Things a Good Quality Breast Pump should have

by John Smith Digital Marketing Expert
Mother’s milk is amazing! It’s where your baby starts to live, probably, the best life. The breast pump consultants have been working with the researchers studying breast milk for over 60 years. They are there for every new mom, potential mom and working moms with their knowledge, expertise and unique range of breast milk feeding products including their swiss made breast pump- which is the trusted choice of breast pump counsellors worldwide.

Which breast pump for you?

There are different types of breast pumps and not every breast pump is suitable for all the moms. It is because there are a variety of pumps in the market according to the budget and need of the mom. A female body responds differently to different pumps and every pump might not help her express the milk. It is because pumping breast milk is a proficient skill- massaging and breast contractions are of help for this exercise. It should be kept in mind that the amount of milk you produce and the amount you pump out shall not be equated.

Let’s see how the breast pumps are categorised in the market:

1) Double electric breast pump:
These pumps allow the expressing of the milk simultaneously of both the breasts. This reduces the pumping time to half and increases milk production.

2) Single electric breast pump: These pumps operate on their own and do not require your ‘hand strength’ to control the pump liver. With this, you can massage your breasts so that you get the best output in all.

3) Manual breast pumps: There are some mothers who believe in manually controlling the pump despite relying on the electric motor. It is a mobile as it works anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need for a power source or batteries.

Now that we have an idea of what’s available in the market, we need to know the best out of it so that we don’t waste time, effort and money. Go through the below guide to find which breast pump to use:

1) What’s the power source?

You need to know if the pump needs a power source to function, runs on batteries within the pump or batteries coming in an external pack.

2) How many parts with the pump?

If the pump comes with many parts then we need to put in double efforts to wash them after each use.  The lesser the parts, lesser are the efforts.

3) What’s the weight of the pump?

This is the most important feature if you have to lug around a pump to work every day and back. It should be portable to carry anywhere.

4)  How portable is the pump?
Certain pumps are too flexible to let you multi-task while expressing the milk like pump while washing the dishes, cooking, etc. There are some pumps which require you to sit near the power source every time you pump the milk. Sitting at the same spot for quite a number of months or years might get a little monotonous. 

5) What’s the usage of the pump?

Some are used temporarily while others are used multiple times a day. It is dependent not only on the strength of the motor but the effect of the pump on your nipples. Go with some good advisors and health professionals to make a wise choice.

The above seems like a perfect guide for all the mommies out there to check out the breastfeeding products online. It is evident that giving birth to a new life is a miracle. It might look troublesome but Medela’s breast pumping services have made it easier to live with your cute little angel.

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