6 actionable sex tips for your next sex session

by Sushant Singh Blogger

Want sex tips? They are all over the internet…..but wait

I’ll give you a reason to read this one.

You’ll find buttloads of sex advice saying, Communicate!


Communicate has to be the worst sex tip, according to me. I mean they guy are doing it, don’t you think they have obviously communicated their likes and dislikes before? How do you expect them to talk and communicate all over again even if it’s their time to “finally” do it.

And oh yeah, so many of them suggesting….Foreplay! As well.

Come on, don’t you think people start with kissing and holding each other?


You need to read this one because in this you won’t find those cliche, done-to-death tips. You will find actionable tips that makes sense and you can start using right away.

So here we go,

1. Praise your partner THROUGHOUT!

No matter if you are a girl or a guy, praise….praise….praise! Do it before the steamy session and after the steamy session. And during too!

It’s THAT important.

Just go like, I love the way your hair falls on your face or I love the way you place your hand over there.

I love the way you hold my waist.

2. Touch the guy, they love it.

If you are a girl thinking that lying back on the bed will help you sorry to burst the bubble, you cannot always be on the receiving end.

That’s not how healthy sex works. It’s always give and take.

We are not asking you to give porn style hardcore blowjobs…..just a sexy touch here and there will go a long way.

Men love their hair to be played with. Their dick to be touched. Their neck to be snuggled and so much more…..

Just touch and hold them like you love being touched and held.

3. Sex is not about orgasm.

If you are going onto the bed thinking of that super-high release that’s gonna make you feel oh-so-amazing, just STOP!

Don’t go any further. It’s a terrible idea which will lead to terrible sex for your partner.

You will not focus on the feeling you are getting right now, instead you will be thinking of the feeling that is going to come.

Sex is all about being in the moment and deeply feeling the sensation you are getting right at the moment.

So don’t focus on orgasm too much. Trust us it’s gonna be a lot better.

For orgasm-focused fun, use sex toys that are available online in India legally.

4. Fantasize all the touches….just close your eyes and do it.

In continuation to the previous mentioned points, here’s a tip you can implement right away to make your sex even better.

Whenever your partner is touching you at a particular point for example on the curve of your waist,

Close your eyes and think of their hand….how does it look….think of all the sexy things about it…..their long fingers….the way they hold really hard.

Now think of your waist….the sensuous curve…..the silky they must be enjoying holding it.

And that will make enhance the way you are feeling in that moment and make everything a lot better.

Try doing it for each and every move.

5. Start way before the bed.

Sex starts in the mind. And your mind can wander whenever you want and about whatever you want.

So start fantasizing about sexual stuff in your mind way before you are on the way.

I would like to remind you again that,

It’s all in the mind.

6. Get more aggressive.

This is probably the most underrated sex tip on the internet. Maybe because it doesn’t sound right when you say it like that.

It sounds like something bad. But it’s actually not.

Getting aggressive is not about harming someone, it’s about “Passion”.

Slow, sensual lovemaking is only good on the screens and in coy Bollywood flicks. You can’t make vanilla love all your life.

Start small…..kiss harder, suck even harder…...moan louder.

Just amplify whatever you do currently to 100 folds….that’s your aggression, that’s your passion right there.

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