3 easy tricks to avoid premature ejaculation

by Sushant Singh Blogger

No man wants to stop suddenly and ruin the beautiful moment they are in with their ladylove. They want to go on and on until their ladies can’t take it anymore. Here are a few quick tips to make it happen.

1. First tip involves jerking off or masturbate whatever you call it. Just hold your penis and pleasure yourself. Start by jerking off your penis 3 times per week.

So are we saying jerk, release and be happy?

No. There’s a twist here.

Whenever you jerk yourself and you feel that you are coming close to your highest point of arousal-the big O. Stop yourself.

How you ask?

You were thinking naked bodies and busty ladies when you started jerking off right? Now think the exact opposite. Think about a disgusting pus filled pimple or your scary dad, just whatever that makes you lose that exciting sexual feeling.

After this your cum will not come out and your hardness will also turn into softness.

Now you are not going back to your routine activities. Now you are going to fantasize again-yeah that’s very cruel to ask for. You have no will or strength to do it all over again, right?

But do it. For the sake of lasting longer in bed perform this activity. You can read a sex story or watch porn but do it. Once you are aroused again, start masturbating again and then stop. Repeat this 3 times in total and the 4th time don’t stop. Let your cum flow out normally.

Still didn’t understand the motive behind this?

What this trick does is….it will let you know the exact “point of release”. Which is that moment where your cum is gonna flow away. So the next time you are having sex and you get close to this point, you can try different things to stop it like-

  1. You can remove your penis out of the vagina for a few seconds to let the feeling cool down and insert again.

  2. You can change the sex position you both are into and choose a position that makes penis receives most less stimulation.

  3. You can stop the in and out motion of the vagina.

These will control your cum and make you continue longer in bed than you did before.

2. Second trick is easier than the first one. It goes something like this…..

It is said that during a particular sex session, the first erection is harder and much easier to cum quickly than the other ones that you get after that one.

The second erection that a man gets is much less sensitive than the first one. So it's better to cum once before the actual sex. You can use the second erection for sex.

3. Third trick is easier than the first and the second one combined. It’s as simple as using a condom. That’s it. Just one condom.

Long lasting condoms have a special ingredient called “Benzocaine” spread over it. Once you wear the condom normally, the ingredient starts working on your penis and delays your ejaculation.

So those were some quick tips to avoid premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. For quick effect, grab delay sprays and creams on India’s largest sexual wellness store, to join India’s coolest sexually confident squad.

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