5 Team-building activities for small groups

by Sadie Brooks Journalist

Team-building activities are a great way for your team members to bond with each other in a fun way. Whether this activity involves going out with your team or doing some activity in the office, everyone will like the idea of ​​getting to know their colleagues in a fun and creative way.

Through these activities, team members will get to know each other better, and form friendships which will contribute to the work improvement. If you work in a positive environment with people you like, you will be much more productive. That's why team-building activities are an excellent way for team members to get to know each other better.

Team-building activities usually have the goal of improving communication among team members and their collaboration skills.

If you have no idea what team-building activities you can do with your team, keep reading to get some ideas.

Murder Mistery

One of the popular team-building activities is a murder mystery. This game brings a lot of challenges and fun through which a team can bond and learn to work together. Through this game, all team members will contribute and try to find the murderer by working together. Through this, they will understand that they all have a common goal and that if working as a team, they can achieve it. They will find out how important is to cooperate.

This game is great because you can play it in different environments. Whether you're in the office or your team is working remotely from home, the murder mystery is playable!


Golf is an excellent team-building activity that will be enjoyed by all members regardless of age. Through this game, team members develop team spirit and learn how to contribute to the team and cooperate with colleagues. The goal of golf as a team-building activity is for all employees to understand that they function better as a group and that group work gives excellent results to their team. In this way, they will become aware of how important it is to cooperate at work to improve the business. Through golf and working in a team, members will understand those achievements are the result of group work, not individual ones.

So don't hesitate to gather your team and book an appointment for golf. Scottsdale Arizona offers great packages where you can stay and play golf with your team.

Escape room 

The escape room is a great option if you are thinking about what team-building activity you can do with your team. Through the experience in the escape room, the team members will learn how important it is to get everyone involved and develop mutual trust. Each escape room is a challenge for everyone who participates in it, and it is not easy to find a way out. If each team member makes an individual contribution, for the group it will be much easier and faster to find that way out. This is the goal so that the team members understand that if they combine their qualities, it will be easy to reach a solution.

Group cooking class

Nothing brings people together better than food. This is why a group cooking class is a great idea for a team-building activity. Through this activity, team members strengthen mutual communication and express their creativity. In addition, team members have the opportunity to get to know each other better outside of work, develop social skills, learn something new and improve self-confidence. Through joint food preparation, team members will learn how important it is to work together to make the final product as good as possible (and tastier in this case).

Board games

Board games are great team-building activities no matter where you are and how much time you have available. Through board games, team members will get to know each other better and have fun together. You can play these games during your coffee break, lunch, or even outside of work hours. These games can last from a few minutes to several hours. Even if your team works remotely, don't worry, there are online board games that all team members can participate in regardless of where they are. Through these games, team members will improve mutual communication and cooperation.

Wrapping up

Team building activities can be diverse, but each of them will bring team members together in a fun way. Through these activities, team members get to know each other better, learn about the importance of cooperation, develop communication skills, and much more. Some ideas for team-building activities are golf, board games, escape rum, and many more.

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