Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities

by Elaine E. Traditional Chinese Medical Center

Top 5 Luxury Team Building Activities

Team building is a management strategy utilized to boost the performance and efficiency of employees by incorporating various activities. Team building encompasses various skills, observation and analysis - all aimed to create a strong team. This is done to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

Great organizations in the UAE know that it is not easy to create a capable team because it involves a lot of skills and a positive mindset. The team building manager ought to find out the strengths and weaknesses of all members and customize a program to cater for different skills. Team building activities create trust and interpersonal skills among participants. Team building involves various steps over time.

Why is Team Building Necessary?

Team building is utilized to develop, monitor, and manage teams with the aim of achieving the company’s objectives. Team building helps to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses through various activities. This is hard to do in the workplace where employees follow a routine. A manager can use these strengths and weaknesses to create effective teams.

Team building is an excellent tool to foster communication and collaboration among employees. Various activities promote interpersonal relations among participants. It creates a comfortable environment for team members to know each other. Collaboration brings understanding and trust among participants.

Team building activities help the trainees to understand the organization’s goals and objectives and the importance of achieving them. This inspires them to work towards the goal by focusing on their roles. Team building also clarifies what each team member has to do. Each individual is assigned a role that helps them to reach the objectives as a team.

Team building activities also promote problem solving and creative thinking. In a team, members are encouraged to share their views and opinions on various issues. This promotes creativity and brainstorming to come up with different solutions.


Luxury Team Building Activities

So many changes take place around us, and they affect how employers and employees interact. Motivated employees work harder and more effectively, which leads to increased production. Every individual loves to feel appreciated for his contribution to the organization. There are many ways to do as outlined below.

1.    Diamonds Forever

If you’re looking for a high-class and sophisticated team building Dubai activity, you ought to consider Diamonds Forever. It is an original idea, which means it is unique and one of the most luxurious team building activities you can choose for your group. Your employees will feel like VIPs as they seep from glasses with diamonds at the bottom. The most intriguing thing is that only 1 glass contains the real diamond. On-site diamond experts examine the gems and offer a theatrical performance.


2.    Perfume Workshop

You can step up your team building activities a notch higher by signing up your employees to the luxurious and unforgettable Perfume Workshop. This will be a fun and memorable activity for the team as they enjoy different scents and fragrances while learning new things. The most enjoyable thing about this workshop is that participants can create unique fragrances with the help of perfume experts. Perfume stylists also advise people on how to wear different fragrances for different events.

3.    Gin Tasting Workshop

Many people enjoy the taste of a fine beverage. The Gin Tasting Workshop is a crucial part of team building games and activities. This is like throwing a party where they get to learn more about various types of gin. There are different drinks; for instance, there are combinations of drinks with aromatics like pink pepper and coriander and berries. There are also other combinations like spices and citrus. Team members are also allowed to create their unique combinations.

4.    Chocolatier Workshop

The Chocolatier Workshop is a unique and luxurious activity for your team. It includes a 4-hour masterclass where participants discover how truffles and chocolate bars are made. Your employees will love this experience because they get to savor chocolate from various cultivation areas and plantations. They also get to learn the origins of chocolate. There is also a cocoa expert who provides everyone with samples to enjoy with a nice glass of Mediterranean wine.

5.    Fashion Workshop

The Fashion Workshop is an excellent activity for escaping the busy office life. It is no secret that fashion lovers will enjoy this event. Other participants will also be thrilled by the imagination and creativity going on around them. Participants engage in ceramic painting, live drawing, and champagne glass decoration. Since this workshop is mostly enjoyed by women, men can choose to have a relaxing massage, which is done by professional masseuses. They enjoy the massage on-site and fully dressed.


Appreciating your employees is one of the best ways to motivate them to work harder. Happy employees translate to higher retention rates. You can reward your team through different ways, from food workshops to fun and unique activities, as mentioned above.


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