5 surprising facts about your refreshing cup of green tea

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Nothing can soothe your body and mind more than a hot cup of beverage, and today, the world is obsessed with green tea. For quite some time, the consumption of green tea was popular among Asians, but it now looks like it has turned into a global phenomenon. Owing to its immense health benefits, people are flocking to buy batches of this best Assam tea. Loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids, green tea is not just good for your immunity but also protects you from cough and flu.


Undoubtedly, the benefits of green tea are well-documented on the internet. Along with aiding with your weight loss goals, fighting free radicals, repairing skin cells, adding green tea to your diet can detoxify your body and help with anxiety, fatigue, and stress issues. Considering its well-deserved popularity that has compelled several people to buy green tea online, there are still some facts you don’t know about this refreshing beverage, and that might surprise you.


So, how well do you know about this world-favorite healthy beverage? Let’s break it down for you.


Green tea is not bitter, naturally:

If you’ve been consuming a bitter cup of tea every day, it doesn’t mean that green tea is bitter in taste; it means that you haven’t brewed it correctly. Green tea brews best with cooler water and not boiling hot. In Asian countries, green tea is traditionally made with boiling water, but It only stepped for 15-20 seconds and no longer. Therefore, simmer green tea at a lower temperature for a much sweeter and non-bitter version for best taste results.


It contains several bioactive compounds: 

Everyone knows that green tea is more than a simple hydrating beverage. It contains a range of healthy compounds that make up a final healthy drink. It is rich in polyphenols that reduce cell inflammation and help in fighting cancer. It also contains a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate that prevents cell damage and the formation of free radicals. Medical research has unfolded several other benefits of green tea, which is why it finds its usage in several medicinal products.


You do not need any special equipment to brew green tea:

You can brew your cup of green tea in as little as a kettle. You do not need any fancy bowls or pots to brew your green tea. Simply buy green tea online, and use it like you would any regular tea bag.


It is known to enhance your mood:

Green tea contains a component called L-theanine, an amino acid that acts as a relaxant. This explains why you feel so relaxed after drinking your daily cup. Also, L-theanine balances and slows down the absorption of caffeine in your body, so you don’t have to worry about sudden energy spikes and crashing levels that are usual with the consumption of caffeinated drinks.


Leaving green tea bags dipped in water for more than 4-5 minutes affects its taste:

When mentioning the bitterness of green tea, leaving tea bags or leaves in water for longer than 4-5 minutes increases the amount of naturally occurring chlorophyll from the tea in the water, making it highly bitter. Therefore, for non-bitter results, let the bag steep in the water for no longer than in 3 minutes.


It is not always green in color:

The best Assam tea brewers say that although green teas derive their name from the green color, most are meant to look pale yellow when brewed correctly. So, if you’re worried that your green tea isn’t exactly green in color, well, that’s just how it is supposed to be.

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