5 Most Surprising Facts About Pregnancy

by Jessica Roberts Self Employed

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage of life. In this stage, your body will change a lot and you may not even realize that they are happening. When pregnant just enjoy and don’t stress yourself. Here in this article, there are some facts about pregnancy that might surprise you. Just go through them and educate yourself – you will feel good.

The uterus becomes bigger.

The uterus of a woman is generally the size of an orange. But by the 3rd trimester, it gets bigger and becomes the size of a watermelon. The size of the uterus may expand up to 500 times the size when pregnant.

There’s an increase in blood volume by 40-50% with the heart growing bigger.

When you are pregnant, your blood volume increases by 40-50% to help supply oxygenated blood to your baby in the womb. In response to this increase in blood volume, the body causes the heart to grow in size as well for handling the new blood volume and ensuring that it moves smoothly everywhere in your and your baby’s little body. If there wouldn’t have been this increase in the size of the heart, it would then have to beat harder and faster like it does when you do exercises. Imagine how you would have felt if your heart kept on beating so faster and harder for 9 long months! You would have been exhausted and that could have caused a lot of issues in other body parts as well.

A baby tries to cry in the womb!

You can see a baby crying immediately after being born but it is interesting to know that babies can cry in the womb as well. If you ask a doctor in Leicester to play a sound on your belly you can see it crystal clear through a 4D well-being scan that your baby would first jump as if startled and then open the mouth trying to cry. However, the crying noises of the babies inside the womb cannot be heard because their vocal cords can’t vibrate because of the amniotic fluid present.

A woman kept her baby in her womb for 375 days

Yes, you have read that right – 375 days! Usually, pregnancy lasts for about 280 days but in the case of Beulah Hunter, it was a bit different. She was pregnant for 375 days and gave birth to a baby in 1945 when she was just 25 years old. The baby was nearly 100 days overdue.

The longest pregnancies are being quite common. In fact, there are many women who are being pregnant for ten or eleven months than being pregnant for 9 months.

Shortest pregnancy was 21 weeks 4 days

A mother carried her baby for only 21 weeks and 4 days in her womb and then gave birth. This case had set a record in world history and the best part is the child to date has shown no developmental or health problems for being a premature baby.

There are many more surprises (your partner may experience some symptoms like you, your feet getting bigger, your voice changing, having strange cravings for food, etc.) that you may come through when pregnant but nothing would be sweeter than having your newborn in your arms. Now, make your experience better with the best Private ultrasound scan in Leicester at Window to the Womb.

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