7 Surprising Cholesterol Myths and Facts

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

Cholesterol can be a very confusing topic. What different levels mean, what foods can affect the numbers, and whether or not you’re at risk – one must know the facts. Commit to getting your cholesterol levels checked this year if you haven’t already in a long time – until then, here we bust a few myths that always keep going around.

Myth #1. Essentially, all cholesterol is evil.

Cholesterol is something you cannot survive without. Produced by your liver, cholesterol also has several essential roles to play in the body. It enhances the production of bile acids, sex hormones, vitamin D, and more. Some of its types are necessary for maintaining your health. LDL or bad cholesterol makes up for the entire body’s cholesterol, and higher levels increase your risk of cardiovascular problems. However, HDL or good cholesterol that carries cholesterol back to the liver to flush it outside the body reduces your risk of heart issues.

Myth #2. You don’t need to check cholesterol levels until you reach middle age.

Experts suggest going for a routine checkup once or twice between 9 and 11 years along with 17 and 21 years of age. After you turn 20, your health care provider must check your cholesterol every 4 to 6 years, depending on how high or low a risk you may be having.

Myth #3. Triglycerides cause heart diseases.

The triglycerides (TG) are a type of blood fat that doesn’t form plaque. However, a higher TG level is what marks a massive problem for you. These may also indicate metabolic syndrome and several other abnormalities. Cholesterol-lowering medicines in homeopathy can help you immensely in keeping the triglycerides under check.

Myth #4. Only the overweight or obese can have high cholesterol problems.

People of all body types can be susceptible to high cholesterol. Being overweight only increases your chances of having high cholesterol. However, being thin doesn’t protect your either. Your diet, lifestyle, level of activity, etc., also determine your well-being. Thus, you must always go for regular checkups.

Myth #5. Bad cholesterol can lead to a heart attack.

Most attacks usually take place due to unhealthy LDL levels. Numbers that fall within the recommended range are said to be optimal. Bad cholesterol or LDL is responsible for heart diseases is valid to some extent. However, it can only be dangerous if the total cholesterol-to-HDL ratio increases and the individual already has critical medical conditions to deal with. Someone with the right levels and without any inflammation to their arteries is more protected against strokes or heart attacks.

Myth #6. Cholesterol results from poor diet and lifestyle.

This can be complicated, but the two are essential for your overall well-being. However, these aren’t the only factors affecting your cholesterol levels. Some people can even be born with higher numbers. Maintaining a good lifestyle and diet is vital for your body as a whole and cannot alone raise your cholesterol levels.

Myth #7. You can manage it through lifestyle changes and without medicines.

Experts of homeopathy in Deland and everywhere else suggest using medications as an added step to benefit your health. Sure, lifestyle changes, enough exercise, and a good diet would leave a significant impact, but some people may certainly need medications to manage their cholesterol levels. Medications, as well as lifestyle habits, are interdependent to keep your heart young and healthy.

Regardless of your age, weight, diet, level of activities, etc., get yourself checked with the nearest qualified homeopath. They’d be better able to offer you the needed insights on cholesterol and its effects on your fitness.

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