5 Reasons Why You Buy Pesticide Free Pulses Online

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Pests are the most despised organisms by farmers because they consume or harm their crops. To prevent them from doing so, farmers spray a soup of poisonous chemicals known as pesticides on them. Pesticides are chemicals that are used to protect crops from insect, weed, and pathogen damage. It boosts crop yields, vegetables, and fruits, and accelerates the growth process. Due to the variety of pests that farmers face, they employ a variety of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides.

Why are buying pesticide-free pulses beneficial to our lives?

This question has an answer in the extent to which certain pesticides are damaging;

Consequences of pesticide use include the following:

Pesticides have been connected to a number of fatal diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), neurological system impairment, and renal problems. Additionally, it has a detrimental effect on the reproductive system.

Pesticides' acute effects include irritation of the skin and throat, as well as respiratory problems. Additionally, nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea are prevalent.

Pesticides contaminate the air, drinking water, and soil. Additionally, it is hazardous to birds, mammals, and fish.

Pesticides are a poison that kills slowly. While consuming pesticide-contaminated food once may not hurt you, consuming it on a regular basis will fill your body with lethal toxins.

When you consume tainted food, you are not consuming a single pesticide but a cocktail of pesticides. Even after thoroughly washing a vegetable or fruit, several chemicals remain.

The best substitute for pesticide-contaminated food is as follows:

Pesticides have a detrimental effect on the overall environment. Thus, it is past time for us to abandon chemical-laden farming methods in favor of natural farming practices such as organic food.

Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms. Thus, organic farming involves the production and processing of food without the use of chemicals. People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of organic foods and are choosing them over non-organic foods. Numerous organic crops are available on the market. Organic items range from organic rice to organic pulses, ketchup, spices, tea, and jaggery. These organically cultivated items have a plethora of health benefits associated with organic food, which include the following.

The Benefits of Pesticide Free Pulses:

1. Pesticide reduction: When you purchase non-organic foods, you expose your body to hazardous chemicals, even after washing the food. When these compounds are ingested for an extended period of time, they are determined to be lethal. Organic food is pesticide-free and eating it can help protect you from a cocktail of pollutants.

2. Improved overall health: Eating well contributes to overall wellness. Organic food is chemical-free, which makes it naturally healthier. Organic foods contain higher concentrations of iron, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus than conventional foods. Organic foods include 50% more omega-3 fatty acids. Organic pulses and dals have been discovered to contain a greater amount of fiber.

Foods grown using conventional methods include a higher concentration of nitrate. Increased nitrate levels induce fatal diseases and are also harmful to infants. Organic foods have been demonstrated to have a 30% reduction in nitrate levels, hence lowering exposure to deadly diseases.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are planting whose DNA has been altered in ways that cannot be detected through conventional crossbreeding. Organic food is devoid of these man-made substances, making it fully safe to consume.

3. Increased antioxidant content: Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals, which would have caused significant diseases in the absence of antioxidants. It is found in up to 69 percent of organic foods, which also helps to boost the immune system. Organic crops included considerably more antioxidants than non-organic crops, according to a meta-analysis published in 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition.

4. Fresher and more flavorful: Because no preservatives are added to organic food products, they are frequently more flavorful. They have a more refined sugar and mineral structure as a result of their prolonged growth. Natural techniques of production are employed instead of artificial flavoring, which provides organic food a true luster and a flavorful taste. Organic tomato ketchup, for example, has a more pleasant and authentic flavor and a thick consistency as a result of its organic ingredients.

5. Environmentally friendly: non-organic farming is not only harmful to human health, but also to the environment in the following ways:

By using organic products, you can help prevent water contamination by ensuring that no insoluble substances flow from fields to reservoirs.

Organic farming does not expose the soil to hazardous substances because only natural fertilizers are utilized. It improves soil health, which results in healthier crops. Additionally, organic farming helps prevent soil erosion.

Plants are not treated with pesticides, which maintains the air clean and healthful to breathe.

6. Organic farming safeguards pollinators such as bees and other pollinators against hazardous pesticides.

Sewage sludge is a byproduct of wastewater treatment that contains a variety of dangerous compounds. It can be used as a fertilizer once it has been processed. However, organic farming avoids its use, therefore protecting crops from hazardous chemicals.

7. Pesticide-free future generations: Unborn babies are more susceptible to pesticide-related harm than any of us. Organic food provides children with essential nutrients and is chemical-free, creating the groundwork for future generations to be healthy.

To summarize, when nutrition is incorrect, medicine is useless; when the diet is correct, medicine is unnecessary. Because the food you eat has a direct effect on your and your family's health, it is critical to make informed choices. Food polluted with pesticides is the devil, accumulating poisons in your body and wreaking havoc on mother nature. As a result, it is prudent to abstain from it.

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