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Food options were fairly limited until a few decades ago. You could count the number of brands on your fingertips, and consumers' strong price sensitivity meant that the decision over which product to buy was heavily influenced by price. With the passage of time, the world has understood that there are enormous and serious consequences to not being conscious of the food on our plates. Many of the world's health problems, from obesity and starvation to cancer, are caused by the food we eat.

Today, we see many more individuals in supermarkets reading ingredient labels, quickly searching Google to see if components are gluten-free, and going out of their way to identify brands and companies that meet their needs and fit into their concept of safe eating. To raise even more awareness and support this growing trend, the WHO has designated July 7th as World Food Safety Day. We attempt to raise awareness and motivate people to take action to help avoid, detect, and control foodborne risks, thereby contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and long-term development.


Grow it safely - Agriculture and food producers must follow best practices.

While the green revolution provided a guarantee of food safety, it also introduced chemical pesticides into Indian agriculture. Due to a lack of information and misinformation from pesticide sellers, Indian farmers apply significantly more chemical pesticides to their crops than is recommended. As a result, numerous of our food products include residues that exceed the allowable levels. The long-term impacts of eating pesticide-laced foods range from cancer to reproductive health problems, and the list is growing.

Ensure its safety - The government must ensure that all citizens have access to safe and healthy food.

Pesticide residues were discovered in most food, including a few brands claiming to be 100 percent organic, in random testing conducted across major cities in India. You may read it here. Mangatram Dale guarantees that our products contain no pesticide residues. We ensure this by collecting samples of our farmers' food before purchasing it and sending them to FSSAI-accredited laboratories for testing against MRL limits. Our products are currently tested for MRLs against the Government of India's Jaivik Bharat standards, which specify 127 pesticides and their allowed residue limits.

This technology allows us to assure that every lot of product that reaches our ultimate clients is completely pesticide-free.

Keep it safe - business owners must ensure that the food they sell is safe.

It is only reasonable that we adhere to safe and natural storage methods for a company that encourages the avoidance of synthetic chemicals while growing food crops. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India compels company operators to maintain food safety standards in all aspects of their operations.

       Grain procurement from Mandi

       Transportation of grain

       Grain Handling and Storage

       Processing Packaging and Labeling Blending/Quality Verification

       Finished product storage and handling

While the majority of the safety rules apply to conventional, organic, and pesticide-free food, we take extra precautions in activities that expose food to chemical contact. Activities such as the establishment management and sanitation, which necessitate the use of chemicals for disinfestations, allergy control, warehouse cleaning and hygiene, and pest control, are closely monitored and carried out using totally bio-friendly ways. Some pest-control activities, such as fumigation, are completely avoided.


Everyone has the right to safe food and that is Mangatram Dale offers the best pesticides free pulses online! Consumers have the right to expect that the goods they buy and eat are safe and of high quality. While consumers, governments, and others play an important role in ensuring food safety and quality, the food industry bears the ultimate responsibility in free-market societies for investing the physical and managerial resources required for implementing appropriate controls – the industry that continuously monitors the manufacture and processing of foods, from raw ingredients to final product. As responsible food producers, we ensure that each of these criteria is checked so that customers get what they pay for.

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