5 DIY Hacks to Darken Your Hand Mehndi/Henna Design

by Eva Spenser Innovation


Although not many brides follow the religious myth- ‘Darker mehndi means more love from your husband’; yet, they still want their henna design to look dark and captivating. And for good reasons too! After all, it does enhance their wedding look even more!

So, it is safe to say that that most brides (correction, all brides), don’t want any compromise on their henna stains and wish them to look as dark as it can possibly be!

Well, the good news is that there are some tried and tested hacks which help them achieve this easily. 

1. Use Quality Eucalyptus Oil

Of course, the basic rule is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with a clean towel before the application. But with that; you can also take a few drops of good quality eucalyptus oil in your palms and rub them thoroughly. Let it absorb properly and then start the application.

2. Allow It to Stay As Long As You Can

You are familiar with how long the application takes. But since you have already invested so much of your time, you might as well wait a bit longer before washing it off. As every quality henna artist in Sydney would suggest- let it stay overnight as that will result in a darker and more intricate colour.

3. Apply Lemon & Sugar Mix in Generous Amount

Another thing which you can do (after the application) is applying a generous amount of sugar and lemon mix using cotton balls. Yes, it will make your hands all sticky, but it will be worth it come the next morning after you wash it.

However, don’t overdo it as it may have the reverse effect.

4. Alternatively, You Can Also Try Clove Smoke

Another alternative to sugar and lemon mix, which works great in darkening your henna design is heated cloves. 

It’s simple- heat cloves in an iron pan and place your hands over it so that the smoke comes in contact with your palms. Keep it till your hands start aching, and do this thrice a week.

5. Using Mustard Oil/Pickle Oil Can Also Darken Your Henna Design

Another effective DIY trick to darken your henna design is using mustard oil or any pickle oil on your hands. Allow it to stay as long as possible (preferably overnight). The colour of your henna design will certainly get a boost.

However, 2 Things You Should NOT Do:-

  1. Using beauty products like body polishing or waxing before the application. It may brush off the top-most layer of your mehndi and result in a faded look. Still, if you must, get it done 2-3 days before the application!
  2. Avoid bringing your hands in contact with water after the application. When water comes in contact with your hands, it prevents the henna colour from seeping into your skin and giving you a darker and prominent look. In fact, you should refrain from any water contact for that whole day.

Keep these DIY hacks in mind and look to follow them, as mentioned above. Doing so will give you the desired darkened henna design that you so love and desire!

And for captivating henna designs, always choose a quality and popular artist in Sydney having ample experience in this department.

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