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Facebook TV commercial.... what do you think?

Have you recently seen Facebook TV commercial? What is your opinion about it? Their popularity is declining? Their popularity is steady and they want to grab huge market in small time? Any other view...
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What is crowd funding?

Hi, I just now the word crowdfunding . Can one explain whether it can be used to collect aid for patients in need? I have come across a situation where one of our college mate is admitted to hospital...
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Which stream in engineering is one must look to join?

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How to update Web News/PR Release section of Brand Page?

Does anyone out there know how to update the Press Release section of a brand page. I've looked under "edit page" but there is no option for editing Press Release.
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Has APSense administrator or moderators ?

What about those always same people answering things that just post "Hello, are you looking to earn extra cash online?" and query to contact them through an untrusted email address ?
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Which is the best java training institute in noida?

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How do Guys Feel About a Girl Proposing?

You can share view here.
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SEO: Is there an option for a "do-follow" link on this website?

I wanted to write an article for my web... but the links here are no-followed links.
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Who is the most traffic generated website?

If anyone know about most traffic generated website link, so please share with me all link. Which is generating a traffic. Our website traffic is very low to other website comparison. So please guide...
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With Whom You are going to celebrate "Happy Rose Day"?

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