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What is one thing that I can learn from you today?

8 answer(s).

What's the most valuable information you found advertised on APSense in the last few months?

Why are most postings on APSense so uninspiring or even mentally dead? They lower the overall level of information to be found at APSense and make it into an intellectual dead end venue ... what can b...
3 answer(s).

Who is known as the ‘Iron Man of India’ for his role in uniting the country after independence?

16 answer(s).

What are the 10 things you regret doing in your life?

21 answer(s).

Could you kindly tell me which types of videos you enjoy watching during your free time?

5 answer(s).

What type of person are you?

4 answer(s).

What changed you, and how?

3 answer(s).

What scares you the most?

51 answer(s).

What are the 3 words that best describe yourself ?

Mine is Adaptable, Inquisitive, and Compassionate.
29 answer(s).

Name the biggest "What if" in your mind ?

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