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What matters in your life, money or family?

I want a family, who goes once and then does not come back, does not get family with money. What do you say Please tell me ......
48 answer(s).

Do you think that humanity is alive even today?

I think some people still have humanity alive
19 answer(s).

What do you do when your mind is bad?

If my mind is bad then i listen to the song and smile. what do you do? You tell me...............
18 answer(s).

What's your nickname?

Please share your nick name
30 answer(s).

How do you know your relationship is the right one?

27 answer(s).

How to help protect CHILDREN from online predators?

Please join our cause!
9 answer(s).

What makes a kitchen a great kitchen?

43 answer(s).

What do you know about Ballast Compatible LED Tubes?

3 answer(s).

Is LED Tube Lights is harmful for health?

21 answer(s).

Where can I get custom furniture reasonably in New York NY?

4 answer(s).