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How to move Plants during home relocation?

11 answer(s).

How to make home relocation easier for kids?

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Is it love, attachment or loneliness that people feel when they meet someone before marriage?

plz tell me
8 answer(s).

How many children can a woman or man have?

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What is uPVC windows ?

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How to protect a girl in today's time?

How will you protect, you talk and share
19 answer(s).

What are your most painful memories?

My whole life is painful. And how about you
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Want to encourage and empower girls and women?

Start right in your own home, workplace, and community. Write a note of thanks to that teacher who encouraged you years ago, pick up coffee for that new mom in your office who’s struggling to balance ...
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Do you know about the good qualities bond Cleaner?

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Should mother father's permission and approval be valid at court wedding?

There is no god better than a mother, And one who does not understand parents is not a human being… I will not marry my father and mother's permission in court. What do you want to say. plz tell me....
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