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Who is the first person to drive a car?

12 answer(s).

At present situation who going to lead India?

1) Narendra Modi 2) Rahul Gandhi
34 answer(s).

Who will win lok sabha election 2019?

1. BJP 2. Congress
22 answer(s).

How many seats will win Modi in 2019?

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4 answer(s).

How to Celebrate International Women's Day | YouTube2video?

How to Celebrate International Women's Day. International Women's Day falls on March 8 and is a symbol of the struggles that women around the world have undergone to gain equality and rights.
9 answer(s).

Who do you think should be punished on "Pulwama Attack"?

You can opt for these options: 1) Government 2) Army Themselves 3) Pakistan 4) Kashmiris 5) Other
23 answer(s).

Will Modi Win 2019 Election?

30 answer(s).

Will Trump Win Re-Election?

Halfway through the Presidency, do you think he will again? If not, what Democrat do you think will replace him?
61 answer(s).

Where can we link up with more intellectualy motivated people?

The internet has the potential to let us create a more intellectually satisfying world. How can we go about focusing more on the opportunity to create such a world than chasing after all these BS game...
10 answer(s).

Who are the Most Liar People on the Earth?

22 answer(s).