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Do you like ferris wheel?

Have you been to an amusement park? Do you like the ferris wheel ride and roller coaster ride?
8 answer(s).

How to get tickets to jimmy Fallon?

10 answer(s).

Microsoft Powerpoint Question....?

I am not Tecky... AT ALL.. But when you don't know... You don't know... So what do you do then? You Ask!...... I have a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation of wonderful images .... It has sound... Bu...
7 answer(s).

What do you think is the most important skill for a successful digital marketing career?

There are several important skills for a successful digital marketing career, but according to my experience and knowledge, the most crucial skill is "Adaptability and Continuous Learning." In the ev...
19 answer(s).

Would you love to fly to Qatar if BTS going to Perform in Qatar World Cup Opening ceremony?

15 answer(s).

Who is the Best Professional Sound Vendor in India?

Looking for a list of Best Professional Sound Vendors in India for Events, Weddings & Exhibition
13 answer(s).

Who is your favorite Hollywood young actor.?

Hollywood movies are soo good to watch, let me know your favorite Hollywood young actor.
38 answer(s).

Which is the top 10 destination wedding locations in India ?

Udaipur is the top most destination location in India due to its beautiful visuals, lake views and palatial hotels to host the opulent weddings.
31 answer(s).

Christmas— what is Santa Claus bringing you this year?

Ho ho ho
82 answer(s).

Do you think Prank Yt Channels are harmful for the Society?

There are many prank channels and some of them I see tend to create videos that can be marked as vulgarity. And they simply do it to attract more views and subscribers on the channel. So, how do you s...
35 answer(s).