What is the approximate length of a title tag that will be considered by most search engines?

Asked by Olivia Kerr, in Education


subhay kumar Advanced  Digital Marketing
Mostly search engine given 65- 70 character length consider good for digital marketing.
Oct 25th 2019 06:28   
Parul Choudhary Junior  Property In India - Elitelandbase
Search engine mostly length is under 60 character length
Oct 25th 2019 06:52   
SEO Article Junior  Article
its 60-70 character length
Oct 25th 2019 12:43   
Souporno Ghosh Advanced  Student
The length of the title tag is 50-60 characters.
Oct 26th 2019 00:48   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
The most effective page titles are 10 to 70 characters long, including spaces.
Oct 26th 2019 02:03   
Clipping Path Associate Innovator   Graphics Design
I prefer 50 up to 70 characters long
Oct 26th 2019 02:21   
Ngọc Lan Advanced  SEOer
i thing 65-75 characters
Oct 28th 2019 07:39   
Rakib Hossen Committed  Businessman
around 60 characters
Oct 28th 2019 10:24   
Aso D. Innovator  Consultant
Mostly less than 70 characters in the search results page
Oct 28th 2019 21:46   
BodySculpt NYC Committed  Body Sculpt - Plastic Surgery
around 50 - 60 characters
Oct 28th 2019 22:54   
Clipping Path Associate Innovator   Graphics Design
I hope 70characters is the best. Get easy knowledge from
Oct 28th 2019 23:52   
Joya Smith Advanced  Kindle support
Around 65-70 characters.
Oct 29th 2019 01:26   
Dennis W. Junior  Marketing Manager at Roche's Chemist
around 55-60 character
Oct 29th 2019 05:09   
Tanvi Sharma Freshman  Best Education consultant in India
around 60 to 70 characters
Oct 30th 2019 01:15   
Premier Play Solutions Freshman  Playground Equipment
50–60 characters length considered by most search engine.
Oct 30th 2019 03:20   
Helen Jack Advanced  Major in Power Inverter
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Nov 1st 2019 04:10   
Jenson Goh Freshman  Manager
According to search engine guidelines the length of title tag is 50–60 characters. If your title is more then 60 character than your title will not show proper in search engine.
Nov 1st 2019 05:15   
Aida Vroman Freshman  Blogger
Approximately it can be 55-60 characters.
Nov 2nd 2019 04:01   
Concox Garin Innovator  Marketing Manager
50 - 60 characters would be ok
Nov 5th 2019 22:43   
Scarlette Smith Advanced  Admin-executive
Google accepts only 20-70 characters including space for title tag.
Nov 6th 2019 00:43   
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