What is ZERO SEARCH RESULT? Basic Difference between ZERO SEARCH RESULT and No Search Result.?

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these answer is zero
Jan 8th 2019 03:46   
Perzue Health Innovator  Healthcare Job Portal
zero search result: no one use this keyword in your content but this keyword exists and no search result means no one uses this keyword and this keyword is not exists
Jan 8th 2019 06:00   
Raghav Bansal Innovator  Digital Marketer
There is one difference between the two terms. People use the keyword "No search result" but it is actually not a keyword. Whereas "Zero search result" is a keyword but that keyword is actually not used.
Jan 8th 2019 07:36   
Pradeep Kumar Advanced   Senior in Digital Marketing
zero search result: no content exist about this keyword
Jan 8th 2019 08:16   
Deepika Sain Senior  Seo Expert Deepika Sain
"Zero search result" is a keyword but that keyword is actually not used.
Google has stopped showing zero search results, i.e., only the answer, followed by a button to “show all results” for searches related to time, calculations and conversions. The blue search results links are now back.

Google began this global experiment a week ago today and has now concluded that “the condensed view experiment should stop for now.”

Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, wrote on Twitter:

We have enough data and feedback — which is appreciated — to conclude that the condensed view experiment should stop for now. The team will look at improving when and how it appears.

Here is what this “condensed view” looked like:
Google said originally this was only an experiment but one that was visible globally to all searchers. Google said it will look at the feedback and see if there are ways to improve how it appears.
Jan 10th 2019 01:45    Edited in Jan 10th 2019 01:46
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ZERO SEARCH RESULT is the one which is considered that is the best answer and showing on the top of SERP. But NO SEARCH RESULT is your site is not in rank.
Jan 10th 2019 02:22   
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