Plastic granulator and principle

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Shuliy Plastic Machine Economic Development Energy-saving plastic granulator is designed and manufactured by our factory according to environmental protection requirements.
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  • The equipment has the characteristics of small size, high coordination ability and no pollution.
  • The main body of the plastic granulator is an extruder system, which is composed of an extrusion molding system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system.
  • Extrusion molding system: The extrusion molding system includes the extruder screw, barrel, hopper, machine head, and mold.
  • The plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt according to the extrusion molding system, and under the pressure established in this process , The extruder head is continuous by the extruder screw.
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(1) Extruder screw: It is the most important part of the extruder. It is related to the application range and production efficiency of the extruder. It is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant carbon structural steel.

(2) Barrel: It is a seamless steel tube made of metal material. It is generally made of carbon structural steel or composite steel tube lined with carbon structural steel lined with high heat resistance, high compressive strength, stable wear resistance and corrosion resistance to make. The material barrel cooperates with the screw of the extruder to realize the crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhausting and compacting of the plastic, and continuously and evenly convey the rubber material to the molding system. The length of the general barrel is 18: 1 in diameter, so that the plastic is fully heated and fully plasticized.

(3) Hopper: The bottom end of the hopper is equipped with a cutting device, which is helpful for regulating and cutting off the material flow. The side of the hopper is equipped with a sight hole and a calibration metering device.

(4) Machine head and mold: the machine head is composed of a carbon structural steel inner sleeve and a carbon structural steel sports jacket, and a molding die is installed in the machine head. The function of the machine head is to convert the rotating plastic melt into parallel linear motion, introduce it into the mold sleeve evenly and smoothly, and give the plastic the necessary molding pressure. Plastic is plasticized and compacted in the barrel, and is injected into the die forming mold through the porous filter plate along a certain flow path according to the neck of the nose. A continuous and dense tubular coating is produced around the core wire.

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