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Plastic granulator and principle

Shuliy Plastic Machine Economic Development Energy-saving plastic granulator is designed and manufactured by our... Read More

Familiar with maintaining plastic g

It should be noted that maintenance and repair are equally critical tasks. Maintenance is a protective measure... Read More

Operation method plastic granulator

Proficient in mastering the key points of plastic granulator operation method, plastic granulator. The operation... Read More

Film plastic granulator

Waste plastic film recycling granulator is to recycle and granulate plastics such as waste, waste, scraps, defective... Read More

Film granulation unit

Plastic granulator use: 1: Mainly used for granulation after washing plastic films such as HDPE LDPE PP. Read More

How to clean plastic granulator

Plastic granulator is a machine for cutting the material line into granules. Before starting up, we must prepare to... Read More

Screen changer for plastic granulat

The acquisition of polymer materials and polymers for the plastics processing industry, specifically refers to the... Read More

Waste foam granulator

Brief introduction: Waste foam granulator is a special machine for crushing and granulating waste foam plastic, pearl... Read More

Repair of plastic granulator screw

Plastic granulator manufacturer Shuliy Machinery explains the repair of the twin-screw granulator screw: Read More

Shuliy Plastic Granulator Machine

Whether the current of the plastic granulation main motor is stable (should be strictly controlled within the rated... Read More

Plastic granulator

The main machine of the plastic granulator is an extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, a transmission... Read More

plastic recycling granulator

The netless die is the first stage of the waste plastic recycling granulator. In general, the meshless screen changer... Read More

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic pulverizer is suitable for the recycling of plastics such as boxes, thin pipes, blow moldings, bottles,... Read More

Plastic Granulator Machine

Plastic granulator machine equipment is mainly used for the re-granulation of various plastic, such as new and old... Read More