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by Dawie Bezuidenhout Systems Engineer I.T.
Is Peoplestring a scam, Absolutely not. One of the best free money making opportunities available today. Anyone in the world can make money here. Social networking, Blogging, Games. Discounts Galore.
Recommended Features
  • PeopleString also has a very innovative mailbox cashbox program where they have eliminated the middleman and allow the advertisers to advertise directly to you.
  • The social portal is very similar to Facebook and now links to Twitter and Facebook. (Much more to come in the near future)
  • Shopping rebates from almost 500 stores, ranging from 1% to 17% discounts. (Currently only for US and Canada)
  • Email with 2GB of storage, Self destructing email, Video emails with a 60 sec. maximum, WEB IM including Yahoo, GoogleTalk & MSN with Self destructing.
  • You earn commision 6 levels deep on people who sign up under you.
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Review on PeopleString Social Network

So what is the real deal behind PeopleString and why is it creating so much attention on the web right now?

1. PeopleString is a new wave in relationship and social communities that has incorporated an expressive platform where members can meet and network. What is seemingly different with PeopleString compared to other more conventional social platforms is that PeopleString shares the revenue that is produced by the users of the site.

2. PeopleString launched on Super Bowl Sunday in 2009. According to the Management Leadership Team, the company goal is to become a billion dollar corporation creating a vehicle for millions of people to create substantial income streams through a compensation structure that pays members for engaging in regular social activities on the site as well as introducing the opportunity to other people.

3. The question is, will PeopleString manage to maintain a free membership structure to those who wishes to take part of this new generation of paid social networking? Or worse, is PeopleString a scam?

4. Now, in order to establish a solid grip in the market place, are there at all any influential factors that should be considered to decide whether a company will fail or become a success? To find out, let me introduce a few key observations that will help us decide whether PeopleString offers the ingredients for long term stability and growth that most people look for.

PeopleString Fact #1:

To get off the ground, a unique product is needed that is subject to high global demand. Further, the company must be in a unique marketing position with a strong Leadership Team standing behind the company. These are key ingredients that will form the foundation from which a company can offer long term value to its distributors or affiliates, customers and clients.

Considering the above facts, PeopleString possesses a solid potential to establish itself as a market leader in paid social networking. Social relationship building is HOT right now and there is little competition in this market segment. With the combination of little competition in an exponential growing market, the future outlook for PeopleString shows a very positive potential. PeopleString is not a scam and is a fully legitimate business opportunity backed by individuals with solid experience in the field of Network Marketing.

PeopleString Fact #2:

Without a strong Management Leadership Team, any company has a weak starting point to position itself in any market. PeopleString is led by Darin Myman, the Chief Executive Officer, Adam Kotkin, the Chief Operating Officer, and Bruce Van Heel, The Chief Marketing Officer. These are individuals who have a proven track record in the industry and with extensive experience within business ownership.

With a solid Management Team as a starting point, PeopleString is also dependent on having strong leaders in the field. Strong leaders in the field will create influence, and the success stories these leaders create will in turn generate initial buzz and attention. Consequently, the initial buzz will attract more distributors and affiliates who can further capitalize on the level of awareness in the market.

With the above in mind, the company can tap into big distributors that have commanding influence over their networks. When this momentum takes place, the company will grow faster, wilder, and more powerfully.

My feelings about PeopleString are that it certainly meets the criteria mentioned above. So far, PeopleString have attracted several industry leaders that I have great respect for and these are leaders that are excited about the company. With the attention from big players in the industry, this will impact the growth potential of PeopleString in the initial months of getting started and can further catapult the company into a powerful growth pattern.

PeopleString Fact #3:

With any business, including PeopleString, if the company doesn't know how to market itself effectively, there is a significant possibility that their distributors will fail. What will happen if the distributors don't know how to generate leads and prospects? What if they don't know how to market and don't understand the principles behind success in the industry of Network Marketing?

In my experience, when people don't know how to market they fall on their faces. And I have seen this happen countless of times. Your job as an entrepreneur in this industry is to constantly develop, grow, and educate yourself so you can stay on the cutting edge in order to deliver quality value to other people coming into your team.

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Neno Crvelin Professional   SMO and SEM
Thanks for PeopleString as Apsense and other Social Affiliate Networking Sites Pay Us For Socializing . . .
If you use Social Network site and have not paid for it you need this!
Aug 19th 2010 17:38   
Oliver Sayers Senior   Networker
The market place is becoming more and more competitive when it comes to social networking. It seems that the traffic to those social networks is exploding by leaps and bounds.

Recently this new social network site 'aaachoo' is growing beyond expectation. This company is prepared to share 56% of earnings to their members. The link to this another great site is


Aug 21st 2010 17:08   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Peoplestring's current Alexa Rating 1966 World Wide, 787 USA.
This site is just climbing the ranknings daily. Still the best free money making opportunity today. If you are not yet a member here, join today, and i will personally mentor you and show you how can can make guaranteed money from peoplestring, no matter in which country you reside.
Aug 23rd 2010 06:32   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
What a wonderful program.
Aug 23rd 2010 10:30   
Karen L. Professional   Personal Development
Excellent program! I joined when it launched and then forgot about it until recently.... big mistake! However I'm back on-board and it's amazing how easy it is to earn there. Anyone can do this program, it's worth it.
Aug 23rd 2010 14:42   
Ron Magee Senior   Income Creator
I too joined PS when it first launched and forgot about it, now I am scurrying to build my network
Sep 3rd 2010 05:13   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Hi Ron, Yes i joined when it first launched. It is going well so far, i am just dissapointed that i didnt buy the entrepreneur package. But hey, you can make it huge as a free member as well.
This is one of my fav. programs to date.
Sep 3rd 2010 05:26   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Just recieved a payment from Peoplestring, this program rocks.
Sep 11th 2010 15:19   
Lucian Cazac Advanced   Internet Marketer
You're right Dawie
Sep 16th 2010 14:22   
Shaal M. Committed   Software Developer
I have to check this website.
Sep 16th 2010 14:35   
Vladimir V. Senior   revenue&profits
Thanks for PeopleString as Apsense and other Social Affiliate Networking Sites Pay Us For Socializing . . .
Sep 16th 2010 15:16   
Mariana Norman Committed   
Yes i agree with what you just said about PS, me too I have been in this program for about 4 months now and so far I have not receive any dim although I have been trying my best to login 2x a day and by month end I got an average of 8000 PP and yet until today i have not receive not a cent. Also I notice that there are 2 different websites, one is with all the icon e.g. tools etc and there is also one that has NO tool icon which is supposed to be at the top left hand connor but in my case it is not there, means I cannot check up my earning etc ..can anybody help for advice pls tq..
Oct 8th 2010 04:57   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
I added you as a contact, once you confirm i will gladly assist you.
Always remember that the peoplepoints you collect this month, will only be credited to your account in a share revenue of 70% ninety days after.
So for example. the points for October will only reflect in your account in February, this is clearly stated in the TOS and FAQ sections of Peoplestring.
If you joined this program thinking you will make thousands of dollars within a couple of months you are in for a shock.
Peoplestring is a long term program, and you need a downline to realy make this program work for you. Peoplepoints don't just magically turn into dollars, you must use the site and all the features available to realy make money here.
Contact me once you added me, and i will assist you.


Oct 8th 2010 10:08   
Mariana Norman Committed   
Thank Dawie for the thought I realy appreciate that. for your info at this point I only have 9 downlines and I am login at PP most of the time and make an average of 300 points daily. Yes i do appreciate your assistance on thjis subject matters pls tq. Mean while I will be on a check out to add you as my contact, thank you very much.
Oct 9th 2010 01:30   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
Peoplestring is busy testing the new social hub to be launched real soon.
You won't believe some of the new features they are going to implement here. It is going to be something very unique for sure.
Dec 5th 2010 19:39   
Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
Yes Dawie--would like to know more--been a member--but really didn't run w/ it--BTW--heard they were opening up a limited entrepeneur package in combination w/ the new people/products site

Dec 6th 2010 00:25   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
@AL, the entrepreneur package has been opened for a limited time with Peoplestring as well. The new social network is currently being tested behind the scenes, if you like beta testing and giving feedback you can apply on the main social site.
2011 is going to be huge there, i believe they have some unique features in the new site. We will have to wait and see.
Dec 6th 2010 01:39   
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