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High Yield Investing without the High Risk of capital. JustBeenPaid has been paying it's members since February of 2009 and JSS-Tripler was added to the income streams of JBP in February of 2011 with a built in RSF (restart feature) that ensures the longevity of the investment program. 2% paid daily on investment

I began investigating JustBeenPaid in August 2011 then joined as a Free member in early Sept and after more investigation I was convinced that it was the real thing and a lot of money could be made with JSS-Tripler with very little risk.

Sept 22, 2011, I invested $500.  Sept 28, 2011 I invested an additional $500

Paid today Dec 7 $79.40        Total 2% earnings to date  $3,306.60
Earnings from referrals $174.00 . Total earnings $3,480.60.  Total days 76

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Hello Ron, great Apsense profile! All the best and continuing success in your internet entrepreneur venchers! ? Careece
 - megawealthx October 25th, 2010

Ron is pleasure in Networking Business, and he do his outmost to help other furfill their Goals and Success in this Business!
 - teamextreme September 29th, 2010


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