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Everybody that knows me, know i have a little bit of an Vendetta against SCAMMERS. Seeing innocent people lose their hard earned money and the not so innocent openly promoting it without regard of the consequenses to them or the people they suck into these SCAMS, is a thorn in my side and the only way i can get rid of that pain is to expose these SCAMMERS and their programs.

Now you might think that "Dawie" has lost all his marbles and what on earth has this got to do with his business centre. Well i have decided to make this my business, to step on toes and kick some behind. As long as the outcome has some positive results, and a couple of people heed my warnings, then i have accomplished at least something good with my time spend online.

So for the members here that has not signed up at my Group fighting against SCAMS, i will put some resources here in my business centre to help you in determining for yourself whether the programs you want to sign up for is legit or SCAMS.

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Nov 17 2010 07:19

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Dawie, Your ceaseless efforts against spam and scams are building an amazing catalog of resources for members to use to protect themselves form Scams. With numbers like ONLY one of of every 55 online opportunities being legitimate, your dedication is not only appreciated, it's needed. For that Reason I and Happy to announce you as the Business Expert of the Week for the week of Nov 28th 2010
 - pplcheryl63 November 28th, 2010

Hi Dawie, Very good to meet you. I like straight talkers and people who are interested in learning and helping others. You are an inspiration to newbies.
 - triker007 November 9th, 2010

Hello, It is nice to meet people on this social network that are entrepeneurs.
 - lequaa23 October 27th, 2010

Hey Dawie, great Apsense profile! All the best and continuing success in your internet entrepreneur venchers! ? Careece
 - megawealthx October 25th, 2010

Hi there, I enjoy very much your comments on many of the Apsense places I visit. You seem to know what you are talking about and I have learned so much just reading your comments. They are short and to the point. Keep up the good work... Tony
 - tpeters7 October 23rd, 2010