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by Carlos Silva Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
We Pay Instantly! Be Paid, Joining Free, to view online advertisements. Just Click and view sites, and you can rent referrals with your gain. Is the Best service of this kind!
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  • Instant Payment!
  • Rent Referrals with Gains!
  • Recycle Referrals
  • Keep Referrals
  • Minimun CashOut: $2,00!
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Review on NEOBUX -be paid-read advertisements

In October/November of 2009, I joined a site called Neobux. Neobux is a well-known PTC site that accepts members from around the world. Many PTC sites fail because of insufficient funds, but Neobux has been around now for about two years, making it well-established. It is also the first PTC that I have invested money into, and one I have faith will be around for a long time. As such, I have decided to share my experiences and opinions on the site thus far, and hopefully, for those who have lost faith in PTC in the past, you will take the time to maybe give PTC a second chance.
For those who are not aware of what PTC, I will go into a brief explanation. PTC stands for paid-to-click, and involves a member of a site viewing ads for a set time (usually around 30 seconds) and getting paid a certain amount of money for that (around $0.01 for the most part). After reaching a certain amount, a member can then cashout to certain payment processors used by the site such as Paypal or Alertpay. Though a penny might not seem like a large amount, Neobux innovated through the addition of referral renting. In this situation, a member rents rerrals for a month, during which the referrals earn them money through their clicks. If a referral is inactive (they don't click their ads), they can be recycled for a small fee. In this way, many members have made huge profits on PTC sites. I have seen members on the forum who are able to make as much as $2500 a month. However, I won't lie and say this is easy to accomplish. Most people who get this kind of result have also made the biggest investments.
There are others who don't make as big of an investment, but can still make some profit each month.
Now, as for my experience, I remained a standard member for the beginning of my time on Neobux. This is due to two things: 1) There is a requirement to upgrading, one that requires a specific number of clicks and having rented referrals twice 2) It's easier to rent referrals as a standard member, and I wanted to make a cashout before investing (just as a reassurance). The $2 I did cashout arrived instantly, as Neobux promised, and after becoming inspired by all the success I was seeing on the forums, I decided to invest at the beginning of 2010. I upgraded to Golden membership (which is $90/year for those wondering) and also used my own money to rent 100 referrals. Thus far, I have been doing pretty well, having rented 25 more referrals and having more than enough money left over to renew referrals with. I like the site, as it's easy to click all the required ads each day, and with only 125 referrals, it doesn't take much time to overlook and manage them.

I am currently in profit, and hope to renew my golden membership once my current one expires. As you can see, I am already thinking ahead to next year because I have faith that Neobux will be around for quite some time, and I plan on using it as a way to make some extra spending money.
Neobux is a site that requires patience to be successful. It doesn't necessarily require investment, but the more you invest upfront, the more you will make in the long-run. I know of a member who has invested out-of-pocket money, then reinvested all the money he has ever made on Neobux. As a result, he has invested over $2,500 in the site without a single cashout. If this doesn't display confidence in Neobux, I don't know what does. The forum is helpful, active, and friendly, as are the admins, who offer great support. I have had a very positive experience, and believe that anyone who has not yet tried it out should look into and give it a shot. If you so desire to help me out, this link will take you to the site, and if you signup, add you as one of my referrals:
Good luck with this site. I'm sure you'll love Neobux as much as I do!

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Dimitra B. Committed   consultant
I totally agree. It's the best PTC site
Aug 23rd 2010 12:27   
Andriy Postovenskyy Professional   Forex trader
Hi! How much money will I be able to earn? It starts low and will be up to $2000 a week within the next few years...

Aug 23rd 2010 13:09   
Carlos Silva Magnate I   Affiliate Commissionist - Entertain and Biz
This is for you all, with douts how to make money with neobux!
If you want to know more about Neobux ... how to make Thousands of Dollars, please read this plan:

Zero Investment Strategy
Register and create and account.
Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.
Earn $2-$3 through clicking your ads everyday.
Transfer the money from your main balance to your rental balance.
Rent 3 referrals.
Turn on AutoPay on your Rented Referrals page.
Maintain your referrals and recycle the ones that have an average below 2 or haven't clicked in 2-3 days.
Buy more referrals when you can(This is every 7 days as a standard
Do NOT cash out any of the money that you gain in your main balance as this is used for buying more referrals and maintaining them.
Once you reach 500 referrals, stop renting anymore referrals and just maintain the ones that you have. That means recycle the bad clickers and keep an average of 2 at least.
Build up your money to about $100 and then upgrade to Golden.
Once you get Golden membership, keep renting more referrals and
maintaining them. Once you hit 1250 referrals, you can stop renting referrals and just maintain them and start to cash out your money.

As a Standard member, you have to keep an average of 2 in order to make a profit.
As a Golden member, you have to keep an average of 1 in order to make a profit.

Investment Strateg
Register and create an account.
Click all of your ads everyday and every once in a while there will be extra ads for you to click.
Rent 100 referrals, this will cost you $25.
Meet the minimum standards so you can upgrade to Golden(Rent at least twice/50 clicks credited/Be a member at least 15 days).
Before you go golden, you should have rented another 100 referrals for $25 and that puts you at 200 referrals and you should be golden soon.
Buy Golden for $90.
Keep renting 100 pack referrals and clicking.
Be sure that you maintain an average of 1 in order to make profit.
Once you reach 100 clicks credited, pay $890 to upgrade to Ultimate.
Buy 300 packs of rented referrals and keep doing this until you reach 4000 referrals.
Be sure to maintain your referrals and keep AutoPay on. If you do not have AutoPay on, extend your referrals for 90 days which will give you a 20% discount.
Slowly cash out your money every week and you should get your investment back in around 3 months.
After that, everything is pure profit for you and an Ultimate with 4000 referrals can make over $500/month profit.
Tips on how to Profit Wisely:
Try to maintain an average of 1, any average over 1 means profit for you that day. Patience is key.
Recycle referrals who have not clicked in 4 days.
Never recycle a Golden referral(You can tell this if they have a constant 9+ clicks/day and have a high average).
Don't forget to click everyday, otherwise you will not be credited for your referral clicks the next day.
If a referral goes below 20 days left, renew them for 30 more days so that they can be paid through AutoPay, thus giving you the 10%
When you have a good amount of referrals, 1250 for Golden and 4000+ for Ultimate, you can slowly cash out the money.
There are also plenty of other people's strategies on the NeoBux forums.
You can take a look at it since those people have been very
successful using those strategies. You just have to find one that
works out for you.
Aug 25th 2010 14:58   
Dawie Bezuidenhout Professional   Systems Engineer I.T.
@Carlos, that is the same strategy i used, it works like a charm.
Good tip, you should create a blog about it. Many newbies join ptc's but dont know how to realy make money from it.
Sep 10th 2010 07:38   
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