BE PAID IN ALL WAYS YOU DO ONLINE Get PAID when you READ your EMAIL Get PAID when you LOGIN to the network Get PAID when you PLAY GAMES Get PAID when you open mailbox Get PAID when you do you sho
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  • Get PAID in many ways: when you SEARCH, when you check EMAIL, when you READ, when you PLAY. It's FUN EARNING ONLINE!!!
  • he more people points you have, the bigger revenue you will receive. And if your strings (referrals) do theses steps too, you will earn more money.
  • PeopleString will automatically send your earnings to your Paypal account. You do not need to request for your payment.
  • Entrepreneur members get paid every 2 weeks and free members get paid once a month.
  • Free members earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6.


I use Facebook and read my emails everyday to keep in touch with my friends and relatives.
You might notice that every time you use these sites, an advertisement gets displayed.
Sometimes, you don't even bother to look at it, right?
These sites are earning money from these advertisements generated by their users.

You might think, why is it that Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Myspace, Friendster, etc. is offering a free membership.

How do these giant websites get their money to maintain their sites (maintaining website takes a lot of money).
ANSWER: They get their money from advertisements generated by their users.

The more members or users of the site, advertisers will put their advertisements to this site.

Now, ask yourself, do you want to get paid by
Reading you email
Searching the internet using Google
Using tweeter
Using facebook
Simply using the internet
There is a NEW Social Networking site called PeopleString, that pays you for just using their site.
They are very generous and gives the 70% of their ad revenues to their members.
They are very smart that they know that 30% of the AD revenue is enough of everything than 100% of nothing.

Many people are getting skeptical about these "earning online" stuffs.
That is a normal reaction, because you think that why will these sites pay you if they do not get something from you.
They get something from you, your time of using the sites.
You will thought that it is a SCAM....

Let me ask you this, when you register to Facebook, Myspace, or other sites, are you skeptical?
Have you thought that these sites are SCAM....?

How can you be scammed, if you have not paid anything?
There is nothing to sell here.
You just use their site as you normally do.

That is so simple.
If you want to search something, then use PeopleString, and you will get paid.
If you want to send email (either YahooMail, Gmail or the cool email of PeopleString), use PeopleString.
If you want to shop online, use PeopleString.

All online activities you do, do it in PeopleString, and you will get paid.

NOW is the time to get involved! This site is on it's way to being HUGE, it couldn't be easier or more convenient to start earning, and it's FREE to join!!

Why not make your online activity a profitable one. You will be amazed of the benefits you will received in using this Site.


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