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- Sep 22nd 2021 06:06

About our Business

Welcome to Dimitra Bravou’s BusinessCenter.

I live in Athens, Greece.
After my retirement I started my online business.

I joined several online business and finally now I believe I know how to recognize good opportunities for earning extra money.

My primary business is SQIP.

SQIP - Networking - Entertainment - Communication - Entertainment

You can sign up right now and get 100 FREE SHARES on your account immediately with no strings attached, no small print, no obligations...just FREE.

These are your Stakeholder starter shares and you can watch their value grow  week by week as Sqip grows & expands globally in over 30 languages.

From every Euro in sales; 50 cents is paid out to the affiliate network.
The remaining 50 cents is paid to the Stakeholders every month on a per PEP basis.

You can earn commissions on referral purchases 5 levels deep with unlimited purchases on each level.
You can earn form over
50 income streams.
NO selling.

NO QualificationsEVER.
AlSO, the more PEPs you own, the more income you can earn from everypurchase made in the entireSQIP membership network (not only your 5 levels). 
And again -




Featured Products or Services


Hello, I would like to invite you to the new affiliate program I've developed. It's about promoting MP3 music, where the comission of each sale is 40%! Feel free to join: www.store.syntheticsubstance.com/affiliates
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