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Corn planting machine refers to the planting machinery that takes the crop corn seeds as the object (also taking into account soybeans and other crops). Generally, the name of the planting machine is
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  • The corn planter has the characteristics of uniform planting, consistent depth, stable line spacing, good soil coverage, seed saving, and high work efficiency.
  • The following 10 points should be mastered when using the planter correctly:
  • 1. Maintenance before entering the field should clean up the sundries in the planting box and the weeds and soil on the opener to ensure that the condition is good
  • and fill the transmission and rotating parts of the tractor and planter according to the instructions Lubricating oil,
  • especially pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the drive chain and the tightening of the bolts on the planter before each operation.
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2. The rack cannot be tilted. After the planter is connected to the tractor, it must not be tilted. When working, the rack should be horizontal.

3. Do a variety of adjustments According to the instructions in the instruction manual and agronomic requirements, adjust the planting amount, the row distance of the ditcher, and the depth of the ditching soil-pressing wheel.

4. Pay attention to adding seeds to the seed box to ensure that the seeds are effective. Second, the seed box should be added at least to cover the entrance of the seed box to ensure seed rowing. Smooth.

5. Trial sowing In order to ensure the quality of planting, before conducting large-scale planting, we must insist on trial sowing 20 meters and observe the working condition of the planter. Ask agricultural technicians, local farmers, etc. for testing and consultation to confirm that they meet local agronomic requirements, and then carry out large-scale planting.

6. Pay attention to the straight-line driving of agricultural machinery. The operator should choose the operation walking route. It should ensure that the seeding and machinery are easy to enter and exit. When planting, pay attention to moving straight at a uniform speed. The device is blocked, the lifting of the planter should be operated during travel, and the planter should be lifted when reversing or turning.

7, first sowing the ground first sowing the ground first, so as not to harden the ground, resulting in too shallow depth.

8. Frequent observation. When planting, always observe the working conditions of the seeder, opener, cover and transmission mechanism, such as blockage, clay, weeding, and poor seed covering, and timely eliminate them. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication or cleaning of weeds must be done after stopping.

9. Protecting the machine parts When the planter is working, it is strictly forbidden to reverse or make sharp turns. The planter should be slowly raised or lowered to avoid damage to the machin

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