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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I've seen awesome things happening in the 7 months that I've been active at APSense. I've built relationships with some people who are awesome business builders. To understand what I mean, read more.
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  • These people have these traits in common: honesty, generosity, humble
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I have built awesome relationships with many people here at APSense. We are all here to make money online, through:

* Joining programs
* Affiliate marketing
* Selling eBooks
* Creating videos
* Building relationships

The RevPage you are reading right now is not about that.

I want to present APSense members who have built, are building or are about to go live with businesses, online or offline. For example:

* text ads sites
* PTC and/or PTR sites
* Forums
* Blog Networks
* Coaching
* FaceBook apps

The link you will find in the "Learn more APSense business builders", under the "Recommended Features" section, will bring you to my APSense Insider newsletter. I had to choose a link, that's what I chose. The links you will find in the review section of the RevPage are either for profiles, or my links for what they offer. But enough about me.

I've learned from all of those people I will mention here. They are definitely serious business persons. They are committed. They will help you with pleasure. I, for one, trust these people and what they do.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Slawomir: No need to remember his last name, his first name is truly unique. A few months ago, Slawomir created the Instant Earner. Recently, he launched his new PTC/PTR site
For more information, see my RevPage about it.

Teodor: A few days ago, I joined a PTC group here at APSense, created by Teodor. I wanted to create a subject about Slawomir's new PTC site. Well, next thing you know, Teodor told me wants to launch a new site soon, and he started discussing witn Slawomir. They will help each other. I was very happy to learn that. Guys, if/when you become millionaires, please remember me. :)

Sean North: Sean has a successful offline business, he uses APSense to find new customers. He has written awesome articles about business wisdom, I encourage you to go see his profile and start reading. He has given me wonderful advice in many occasions.

Eldes: Eldes is the owner of text ads sites. he is very generous, and he loves to help. He lives in Argentina, so his sites are also made in Spanish. I joined text ads site. For more information, see my RevPage.

Laura Newton: She's a great friend. She is VERY successful selling the MLM company Multi-Pure products. She makes thousands of dollars every month with that business. She knows a thing or two about SEO and traffic. If you join a program under her, you will find she's ready and willing to help you a lot. I'm in her downline in MP, although she's not my sponsor, it's Katrina Oakley. If you decide to join MP through my link, it means you will get from me and from these two very nice ladies.

Neville Dinning: Neville owns the Dotrim network of WordPress blogs. He's one of our in-house WordPress experts. See his blog for very informative posts about blogging. He's also one of my best friends in the IM world. Recently, he launched a new concept called Nano Networking. See his profile for more information.

Salim: He is working on a very interesting new project, I don't know if he mentioned to other people besides me, so I won't say here what it is. I will collaborate on the project. I believe it will be something that will be an invaluable resource for all of us wanting to learn and get more success in marketing and networking. There you go, Salim. You have no choice now but to do an awesome job, the expectations will be very high. :) Recently, he started writing or posting awesome articles. He gets more and more feedback about those. See his profile to get access to the articles.

Allan Haastrup: He is a lot of fun to work with, he is knowledgeable. He is currently working with some people about a FaceBook app that will be launched soon, I think. Stay tuned, he will tell us more soon.

Mark Hodgetts: He is an experienced marketer, he knows about traffic, TEs. Recently, he put his efforts in helping local businesses build an online presence, with a lot of success.

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Lee L. Senior   The Gram Savings Plan
Great page with some very nice comments about other great folks here at's what this is all about.
Apr 23rd 2011 15:43   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
You have done a nice job to let us know their skills, thanks.i think you will have part 2 or the list continues.
Apr 23rd 2011 16:46   
Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
Wonderful Idea Philippe, I made sure I had a friend connect with each one of them.
Apr 23rd 2011 21:15   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I saw in my news feed you were looking at the profiles, great, that was the whole idea, to help them get the attention they deserve :)
Apr 23rd 2011 21:25   
Abby Aurora Advanced   Affiliate
I first saw this website I immediately interested, then I joined, and it turned out so good Apsense service, everything is there, networking, network building, business, and more.

Apr 24th 2011 00:31   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
abby, you're right, APSense covers every aspect of online marketing and networking. There are even more exciting things to come.
Apr 24th 2011 07:35   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
Phil. You are so sweet. Thank you very much. You are an awesome friend and marketer. I love you buddy! I really do. Its so nice to have you as a friend.
Apr 24th 2011 07:54   
Neville Dinning Professional   Independent Consultant
Thanks for including me in this list. It's great to have regular contact with you, and to have you being very active here at APSense.
To anyone reading this:- if you haven't added Philippe to your contacts, do it now!
Apr 24th 2011 08:42   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Laura and Neville, thanks for very nice comments. :)
Apr 24th 2011 12:31   
Sean North Professional   Business
Thanks for the mention Phillipe I am truly Honoured and am happy to be of help and impart my experiences
I too have learned a lot from Phillipe and others here on APsense
Apr 24th 2011 12:46   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Hey Sean, I am glad to my contribution in trying to put some light on the people that deserve it. :)
Apr 24th 2011 13:29   
Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
Thankyou for having included me on this list Philippe. You're one of the conrnerstones in my work here at Apsense.

You're there for me when I am looking for info and help, and also always good for a joke.

I'm sure you treat everyone else in here the same way.

Proud to be your friend Philippe :-)
Apr 24th 2011 14:17   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Allan, you're one of the biggest victims of my wicked sense of humor. :)

I guess I like you a lot. LOL
Apr 24th 2011 14:54   
Salim Benhouhou Professional   IT Support
thank you philippe it's a great honor to mention me on your revpage
Apr 25th 2011 08:04   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Salim, you deserve it :)
Apr 25th 2011 09:34   
Kenny Lee Advanced   Attention electronics
You're right,I think so, too....

Apr 26th 2011 02:30   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
You're welcome, my friend :)
Apr 26th 2011 22:01   
Slawomir Sobotowski Professional   Web Designer, Admin
Thank you Philippe to intoducing me here ;)
I'm really appreciate it!
List of all people you introduce here are very RECOMMENDED for every APsense member who want earn and learn more from e-business.
Apr 27th 2011 12:39   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Oh yes, my friend :)
Apr 27th 2011 12:40   
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