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Water The Source Of Life/ MultiPure Drinking Water

The # 1 best rated and recommended water drinking systems sold in America. Many different types water drinking that... Read More

Multipure Water Filters - Deb Young

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of... Read More

**NEW**Multipure Aquamini

Multipure has a new, smaller, more convenient home water filter. The Aquamini. Perfect for anyone wishing to drink... Read More

Multipure Aquamini -Portable Filter

Multipures Aquamini provides powerful filtration in a compact size. This convenient countertop drinking water system... Read More

Consumers Best Water Filter

Multipure is the most effective, economical, convenient and reliable drinking water system on the market today. No... Read More

Multi-Pure Tap Water Filters

Use coupon code 426718-disc Best Price NSF Certified Lifetime Warranty Read More

Water Filters Indiana

Indiana needs a good home water filter. Water filters Indiana is home of quality home water filtration systems. Read More

Never pay full price on your Multipure. Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF... Read More

Never pay full price on your Multipure. Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF... Read More

Multipure Holiday Special

This Holiday Season, let your loved ones know how much you care with an amazing Multi-Pure Drinking Water System!... Read More

Multipure Filtermania

What is Filter-Mania? Purchase 5 Replacement filters and Get Your Multi-Pure Drinking Water System for FREE! Read More

Multipure Arsenic Water Filter

The most technologically advanced water treatment devices available, providing the BEST in performance- reduces all... Read More

The Multipure Opportunity Review

The drinking water treatment industry is exploding and industry analysts predict that it will grow by 290% by the... Read More

Multipure Coupon codes

Never pay full price for a Multi-Pure. We offer the absolute lowest online price for all Multi-Pure drinking water... Read More

Enter to Win A Free Shower Filter

Win a Multi-Pure De-Chlorinating Shower Filter! All you need to do is click like! (share on facebook) and comment on... Read More

Multipure Reverse Osmosis

Our Model MP750 Plus RO combines Multi-Pures renowned carbon block filter technology with the reverse osmosis... Read More

Multipure Reverse Osmosis

Our Model MP750 Plus RO combines Multi-Pures renowned carbon block filter technology with the reverse osmosis... Read More

Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems are certified to reduce particulate matter down to 0.5 micron, and to reduce... Read More


Water. Life essential. Without water, people, animals, plants, the planet, none of these can survive without safe,... Read More

APSense business builders

I've seen awesome things happening in the 7 months that I've been active at APSense. I've built relationships with... Read More

What is the best water filter?

Choosing a water filter can be somewhat overwhelming. So how does one go about deciding which water filter to buy?... Read More

That Water Filter Guy

Pure, fresh drinking water is available for the active lifestyle without having to resort to plastic water bottles. Read More

Multipure Affiliate Program SEE

Multi-Pure Corporation (South Eastern Europe) just started a Brand NEW Affiliate Program. Becoming a Multi-Pure... Read More

Why Multi-Pure?

Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems are one of the most effective, economical, convenient and reliable home water... Read More

APSense Members : Katrina Oakley

Generosity, dedication to help others, discussing and sharing ideas, delightful sense of humor, inspired... Read More

Water - The New Oil

Economic experts predict that drinking water will be a trillion dollar industry in the immediate future. They go as... Read More

Bottled Water-NO

What do you really know about the bottled water you drink? Is it really safe? The Environmental Working Group has the... Read More

Free Gift w/purchase

Multi-Pures Free Gift With Purchase Promotion With Every Drinking Water System Purchased! Promotional Period: January... Read More

Get A Free Drinking System

Get a FREE Mutli-Pure Water Filter System with Filter-Mania! Read More

Hexavalent Chromium 6 Water Filter

Our reverse osmosis drinking water system has proven to effectively reduce chromium in tap water. Read More

Multi-Pure Distributor

Price increasing soon! Looking for a legitimate company who actually cares and wants you to succeed? Hurry and get... Read More


Get Your MPAD For FREE!!! Multi-Pure MPAD Aqua-Dome Counter-Top Water Filtration System - Free when you... Read More

Multi-Pure Water Filtration Systems

Drink Healthier Better Tasting Water With A Multi-Pure! Tested, Proven, and Certified To Reduce The Widest Range of... Read More

Multi-Pure Affiliate Program

If you have been searching for the perfect home business, you have found it with Multi-Pure! Read More

Multipure 0.5 Micron Water Filters

Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems have been widely accepted and used throughout the world by: hospitals, major... Read More

MY Favorite Picks

This is about my 2 favorite businesses that I'm advertising vigorously,Multi-Pure & Bellamora Read More

Drinking Water Systems

As developer of the solid carbon block filter, U.S. based Multi-Pure has been a leading manufacturer in the industry... Read More

MultiPure's MPCT Counter Top Water

MPCT - Stainless Steel Countertop Unit Sits on the countertop, attaches to faucet. Read More

Become a MultiPure ind. Distributor

The economy is tough out there, but Multipure can help! We have a terrific business opportunity where you can make... Read More

Multi-Pure Top Rated Water Filters

Multi-Pure is the Top Rated & Best Performing Water Filtration system in the U.S. Tested & Certified by NSF... Read More

Multipure Water Filters

Multi-Pure is the Top-Rated & Best Performing Solid Carbon Block Water Filtration System in the US. Tested &... Read More

Celebrating 40 years

Multi-Pure International is proud to support World Water Week and will donate a portion of profits on every sale of a... Read More

Celebrate MultiPure's 40th Year!

We are sharing our celebration all month! Free gifts for you with every purchase! Read More

MultiPure Water Filter Systems

For 40 years Multi-Pure has manufactured drinking water systems to help provide solutions to environmental problems. Read More