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The Gram Savings Plan - Nov 26th 2022 07:02

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Affiliate with Karatbars, International a company that makes it affordable for anyone to acquire pure gold in 1, 2.5 or 5 gram units.  This gold is transaction-friendly and creates inflation-proof savings.  High quality gift items and collectibles are also available as is the ability to be paid in cash and gold weekly by becoming an affiliate.  Coming in January 2017, the new mobile app making it possible to purchase with gold in your account and get "change" back with gold!

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999.9% 24k Gold
Jul 25 2016 17:09

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Lee has been a good influence on what I do. She is always supportive, ready to help when she can. I would recommend you get to know this amazing woman and learn from her.
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I have had the pleasure of knowing Lee for over five years. As a matter-of-fact, I started my internet marketing with Lee. Lee is an intelligent, extraordinary woman and you will discover what I mean when you read her profile and articles here. She is a fun person and very down-to-earth. We have gone into different adventures online since the beginning of our relationship but I discovered today that we will be working together once again. I am very excited about that!
 - lorib331 February 11th, 2011

I has been nice to meet you here at APSense Lee. I just love your basket site. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Keep up the Great Work. See you around for sure, Cindy
 - cindybolley September 5th, 2010


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Additional Info.

Karatbars is is free to join in over 122 countries. Affiliates can choose to start by selling the 3D Metal cards or by purchasing one of 4 different business packages. Each package has a commission level ranging from 5% to 20%. There is no requirement to purchase anything (it is advisable to save in gold for future security) but advancement happens more quickly with a package. Unlike a MLM, Karatbars operates with a dual system instead of a binary, and although it is a referral type program, it is not a MLM because the pay plan is set up completely different. The dual system has 2 legs that you get paid on, one leg has 50 units and the other 25. At the end of the week the units remain until you accumulate enough on either leg to cycle, then you get paid each week...this continues to infinity, not only 6 or 7 levels deep like a MLM.